Picture: Nigerian Olympic Chairman In Hot London Scandal

The failure of Nigerian athletes to bring in at least a trophy in the outgone Olympics has been a topic that still vibrates on everycitizen of Nigeria. It is a disheartening story to hear that while Nigerian athletes were busy competing for medals at the Olympics, the Chairman House Committee On Sports, Hon. Godfrey Ali Gaiya was allegedly busy enjoying himself at the prestigious Marriot Hotel, where he lodged.

It was reported that the honourable did not attend any of the sports events, and that throughout the game he was lavishing away the country’s money in his 5star hotel. Hon.

Gaiya, who represents Jaba/Zangon Kataf Federal constituency of Kaduna state in the Federal House of Reps, was said to have attracted a big attention to himself when he was about to check out of the hotel. This is because the hotel management had requested that the honourable should settle his total bills before he could be allowed to go. The hotel, as was told, were not allowed to disclose his bill, but the action of the honorable took a noticeable spark as the honorable threw caution to the wind when asked to pay his total bill while he was leaving the hotel. Busy bodies told the magazine that reported the news that the honorable was trying to cover his tracks but the hotel was insistent on him paying all his bills.

At a stage, when the hotel could not withstand the honourable’s drama, it was disclosed that while the honourable was in his room, he was busy watching badography channels that were considered premium channels with premium charges. At this stage, many were shocked and embarrassed that while Nigerian athletes were busy trying to do the country proud, the honourable was busy watching adult films in his hotel room.

Grudgingly, the honourable admitted watching the channels and was made to pay about two hundred and forty pounds sterling, (£240).

When the honourable was contacted, he neither picked his phone nor responded to the short message (text) sent to his phone.


  1. The caption of this story has nothing to do with d body of d story which is talking about payment of bills,which incidentally he did pay,come nigerians read in btw d lines,this is cheap blackmail

  2. Followers of Nigeria sport drama know this will soon happen.Since the Hon. Gaiya exposed Dr Ekeji of National sport Commision we knows they will pay back with blackmail,now they want to use Nigeria failure at Olympics to blackmail this poor man from the part of Nigeria where nobody has a say in our sport administration.What a shame.

  3. The picture was pasted to a different story. I don’t see any reason of this article, let the people rethink of this and MOST write to publicly apologies to the Honourable Chairman of Sports.


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