Popular Pastor in 419 Scam, Dupes Member of Landed Property

Orijoreporters reported that about three months ago when the overseer of Mountain of Liberation Ministry at Ereke Street, in Ojodu area of Lagos State, Prophet (Dr.) Chris Okafor broke the news of his abduction in a telephone conversation on his way from Awka, the Anambra State capital where he had gone for a crusade, the congregation shuddered with fear. Later on, and having paid a ransom of N50 million from the church’s savings to the supposed kidnappers to secure his release, some of the church members have come to discover that the kidnap story was a ruse.

Orijoreporters was told that what informed their position was that when they went to receive their pastor at the Lagos airport, he bore no sign that he was ever kidnapped. Instead, he looked fresh, and well fed. Their conviction was also based on the fact that the remains of one of the pastor’s security escorts who he said was killed in crossfire has not been seen, and neither his identity known till date.

That was the story of Pastor Chris Okafor purported kidnapping. The latest is that he is embroiled in a new conflict with the Igbano family over two-and-half plots of land at Gbolahan Akinmuda Street, Magodo Phase 1. It happened that Mrs. Igbano, a member of Mountain of Liberation Ministry, put the land, which belongs to her younger brother who lives in Switzerland up for sale, but buyer was not found, and she decided to seek spiritual help from her pastor who asked her to bring a small portion of the land’s sand in a polythene bag to him for prayer.
And as they were praying with Mrs. Igbano’s eyes closed, it is said that Pastor Chris stealthily put a tortoise in the polythene bag, which was in his possession. He then told the woman to open her eyes, and the bag, and to her surprise she found a tortoise in it.
At that point, the pastor now told her about the spiritual implication of the tortoise in the sand. This he reportedly said meant that the woman would die if she sold the land, or built anything there, adding that she should give it to the church instead.
Mrs. Igbano believed her pastor’s ‘tales by moonlight’, and recoiled in horror, and sometime last year, 2011 she gave out her younger brother’s landed property to the church having told her brother that land speculators had seized it. Since he thought Mrs. Igbano owns the land, which is valued at around N80 million, Pastor Chris felt he has struck gold, and started to erect a personal mind blowing 19-bedroom duplex on the land, which he completed, and moved into early this year. He also tried to perfect the land document in his own favour at Lagos State Ministry of Lands.
findings revealed that Pastor Chris used to live in a 3-bedroom rented apartment at Adekunle Ajuwon Street at Asore in Ajuwon, an Ogun State suburb before he moved to his mansion in Magodo. It was there, he mastered the fine art of obtaining by tricks. Even in his church, Mountain of Liberation, which congregation is over three thousand, he introduced programmes such as GIVE ALL TO JESUS where regular worshippers are encouraged to donate all their monthly salaries to the church, and FIRST HARVEST where they are asked to give their first salaries to the same church every New Year. The same ‘man of crime’ requests that every church member should give a minimum of a thousand naira as offering on every Sunday Service in the church.


  1. NIJA! Christains are so gaullible! Where in the bible did Jesus Christ ever requested favors from those he healed or prayed for?? Signs of the end times oooo! False prophets everywhere! Jesus Christ has paid the ultimate price for our salvation therefore no man here on earth should deceive you in the name of pastor! Your salvation is in your hands! These days some christains even hold their pastors and priests above Jesus! Pastors are enriching themselves buying mansions and jets in the name of praying for their congregation while same members wallow in poverty and hunger, then the pastors quote from their favorite portion from the bible which says “touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm”, who told you you are anointed? When you are demanding favors and imoverishing ur congregation in the name of Christ? God is watching oooo!

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  3. ararat nonsese, d most illegitimate way of looting comfortably from pple without much stress is “church bussiness” and to those of u who ar calling igbo pple names, “u ar nothing but a mentally retarded fool who would never be concious of doom” how dare u shift the blame on the igbo race, when the original criminal pastors in nigeria ar all non-igbos? Anyway, i dont blame them (pastors) i blame those who patronise them. Since we have refused to study, we shall for sure live to reap from the store-house of our stupidity. The bible is there as a guide for to christians, but no one seems to be intrested on studying it; rather, those who understood it ar seen as doubting thomases!!!