Prostitutes Flee Following Death of Brothel Customer

Prostitutes who do their business at T & K International Hotel, a popular brothel in Iyana Ipaja, Lagos State, have now fled the place following the death of one of their customers, a commercial bus driver popularly known as Jereke.

Jereke, who plied the Iyana Ipaja – Igando route was said to be a regular visitor at the brothel. On the fateful day, Jereke was reported to have retired to the brothel after the day’s work, to unwind. Having had some booze, Jereke reportedly slept in the brothel.

While it could not be ascertained if Jereke slept with any of the prostitutes that night, the discovery of his corpse the following morning led to commotion and subsequent shut down of the brothel by the police.

Residents of the area have given various accounts of the incident: “When we went in, we saw the deceased in a pool of blood. Blood gushed out of his mouth. It looked as if he was poisoned,” a source said.

According to another source, “Many tongues have been wagging that he died during sex with a prostitute but that is not true… On the fateful day, up till 8am, his room was still locked. They knocked at his door, no response before the door was forced open. When the door was opened, it was noticed that he had died… The man lived in Iyana Oba. It is when he could not go home that he would sleep in the brothel.”

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