Rihanna Engages Joan Rivers In Tweet Fight

Maybe this shouldn’t be news in the first place but when a 79 year old woman and a 24 year old girl engage in a tweet fight, it has to be news especially when they are both celebrities in their own rights.

Joan Rivers

Popular American TV personality and co-host of E! show fashion police, Joan Alexandra Molinsky better known as Joan Rivers who is known for her brash manner; her loud, raspy voice with a heavy New York accent; and her numerous cosmetic surgeries and Grammy award winning singer and actress Rihana, are at each other’s throat over a seemingly unprovocative tweet over Chris Brown.


According to Tuface in one of his popular songs, who get ear make dem hear… if Rihana is wise which I believe she is, she’ll stay away from Chris Brown no matter how difficult it seems except the lure of an old flame is stronger than the possibility of been physically abused again.


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  • To the writer of this post
    Lemme tell you what,it’s really stupid for u to post sentimental stuff on issues like this considering the fact that they both still like each other,please get a life and may while you’re at it look for better stories to tell.
    Besides for all we know,she myt have or myt nt have been the one that triggered the assault or do know the real reason why he hit her or how it actually went down? My guess is no

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