Rihana Shocks Her Mother With 5 Bedroom Mansion On Live TV

Just as there were plenty moments of tears on Rihana’s highly anticipated on Oprah’s Next Chapter, there were also happy moments as Ri-Ri gave her mom, Monica Braithwaite, the biggest surprise of the one hour special interview- a brand new five bedroom home in Barbados.

To make the big reveal, in true Oprah fashion, the talk show host invited Monica to the home under the guise that she would be doing an interview alongside her daughter for the show. As the unsuspecting Monica arrived at the lavish mansion with her son and Rihanna’s brother Rajad and the singer’s aunt, she immediately was taken with the gorgeous abode and as the group went outside to look at the pool, Oprah told Monica that her ‘good daughter’ had a surprise.

Almost breaking down in tears as she Hugged her mother, Rihanna said: ‘Oh mommy you are so cute. Looking at her daughter, Monica was both confused and concerned. ‘No I am not pregnant! Stop that. “She is like. Oh what is it,”‘ Rihanna laughed before composing herself once more, it was then that the pop star made the big reveal, turning to her mother and in a serious tone told her: ‘I wanted to do this for you for a very long time. You have been such an amazing mother, example, soldier, and you get to walk away with the key to this house tonight.’

Looking around shocked, Monica couldn’t help but cry out ‘Oh my goodness, Ohhh… Are you serious? Oh my goodness,’ she shrieked, throwing up her hands to her face. ‘Yes. This is all you girl. Look around. Look at the pool,’ Rihanna said beaming with pride. Monica revealed she was going to have a picture of Oprah hanging on the wall as her first guest and after taking a tour of the mansion, the family and Oprah sat down to enjoy a glass of champagne. Monica also told Oprah what made her so proud of her daughter.

A Shocked Mother

‘Because she has remained so humble and so close to her family. She is the same Robyn to us. That is what I am very very proud of,’ she said. And she revealed to the talk show host that she is ‘not yet’ pressuring her daughter to find a new man.

Rihana has been a millionaire for as long as I can remember and even though late is better than never, what took her so long to buy her mother a house and did she have to do it on live TV?


  1. Wao!!!!! am sooooo loving dis gal, she’s such a darling, no matter d naughtiness, Rihanna is still a darling at heart.

    So she have to do it even more than on live TV. cos there’s nothing like a Mother’s Love!


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