Shocking: Police Accidentally Open Fire On Yobe Deputy Governor’s Convoy

The vehicle conveying the state security details attached to the office of the Deputy Governor of Yobe State, Engr. Abubakar Aliyu, was yesterday accidentally shot at by an officer stationed at a police checkpoint.

The incident happened around midday when the deputy governor was on his way back from a farm he owns.

According to the Sunday Trust Newspapers, sources say the vehicle which was shot at was a bit detached from the closely following convoy which aroused suspicion in the policeman making him open fire.

The occupants of the vehicle turned out to be members of the State Security Service (SSS) embedded with the office of the deputy governor.

An eyewitness said, “The bullet brushed the tyre of the security details (SSS) vehicle in the convoy which was directly in front of the pilot vehicle. No life was lost and the vehicle tyre didn’t burst.”

The incident caused fear and panic with people wondering what could have necessitated the shooting.

The Yobe State Police Commissioner, Patrick Egbuniwe, explained saying, “The vehicle was at some distance from the Deputy Governor’s convey. This made the police officer suspect them and eventually shot to stop them. We later discovered that it was an SSS vehicle.”

Source: Daily Trust


  • i rily dnt think so…if dat policeman is trained, wel trained, he wud kno d worth of a bullet frm a gone. He cudnt just open fire lyk dat on suspicion. He better giv a beter reason 4his act,els i blame it on police’s general incompetency. Anyway,i lyk d word used….ACCIDENTALLY

  • If someone doesn’t know,’ he should ask quest b4 conclussion, in yobe state tings lik dat ar nt sopose 2 be qustioned, if hudlom wnted 2 oprate dey dnt infom d police bt d police as a security are trying 2 get dia module of operation now display a very gud tactik nd pple wu doesnt know anytin ar shoutin hw do drive b4 an escot vehicle y ur not d pilot 1 or advane escort? Plz try 2 know b4 u jurdge. Tax

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