SHOCKING: Prayer Warrior Pours Boiling Hot “Holy Water” On 15 Year Old Girl

It was indeed a baptism of fire when a 25-year-old prayer warrior with a Pentecostal church went berserk and bathed a 15-year-old girl with Holy Ghost hot water.

The incidence which occurred in the commercial city of Onitsha, Anambra state came as a shock to the neighbors and co tenant.

The self acclaimed ‘powerful woman’ of God who is currently cooling her heels in the police cell at the Central Police Station, Onitsha, went on the rampage in the early hours of Thursday at No 3, Idoko Street, Onitsha, pouring hot water on the unsuspecting girl, Chiemeri Onuegbu.

Onuegbu received the baptism of hot water when she was doing some laundering alongside other children in the compound where the suspect resided. The girl was immediately rushed to a private hospital along Modebe Road, Onitsha, where doctors are currently battling to save her life. Narrating the incidence, the victim’s aunt, Mrs. Josephine Anyaegbu, said Chiemeri just came on holidays and was attacked by the prayer warrior who lived with her younger sister in the security house in the compound. “Nobody knows her name.

She came and lived with her younger sister called Charity in the security gate at the entrance of the compound. Every day she will lock herself inside the house and be shouting ‘Holy Ghost fire.’ One day I went to find out if she was okay, she came out and was speaking a strange language. “Then yesterday, my children and my niece were outside washing clothes because we are living in the flat on the ground floor. Suddenly she tip-toed and splashed hot water on the children but Chimmeri was bending down, backing her.

That was perhaps her saving grace because she was spattered the hot water from behind, burning her back and her neck.” Mrs. Anyegbu further disclosed that after the first attack, the suspect went in to boil more water. She then came out of the house with a knife, chasing everybody in the compound before passersby were alerted and the youths wrestled with and disarmed her.

“When she was not satisfied with the first attack, she went inside and put another kettle and started boiling hot water. She came out with knife and started pursuing me around the compound and my son that went to confront her was hit with a heavy stone in the back and he fell down before people came to our rescue,” she said. Anyaegbu also said when the suspect carried out the first attack; she was shouting Holy Ghost fire! Holy Ghost fire!! Which made them believe she was praying as usual.

She never suspected possible hot water attack until she saw her niece writhing in pains. Meanwhile, the suspect who was immediately disarmed by the youths in the neighbourhood was taken to the Central Police Station, Onitsha, where she is currently being detained but could not make any coherent explanation about her act. When asked why she attacked the victim, she could not give any useful answer but said, “I am a powerful woman. I command men and women and my name is Christ and Glory.”

Anambra State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Mr. Ralph Uzoigwe, said he had not received full details about the incident but a senior police officer who pleaded anonymity said the police would take the suspect to a psychiatric hospital to determine the state of her health before further action would be taken

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  • alot of people with abnormal behavior need help. we need to keep our eyes open, observe and question thing around us. may both get well.

  • Lol. “Worship the lord in truth and spirit they said”… She was screaming “holy ghost” and yet possessed by demons? Pfft. Y’all don’t know what y’all are up against. Better accept Jesus into your life as a prophet that he was and stop following conjectures by trying to put “the sin of mankind” on innocent Yeshua of Nazereth. you peeps don’t believe heaven exists somewhere but you believe that Jesus’ body was lifted into the heavens… Oro yin ti su mi. It’s better to be muslim sha, at least, that way, you’re on the same side with Noah, Abraham, Moses etc etc.

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