Simply Amazing: Motorcycle that Runs on Poop!

As scientists continue to stretch the limits of our imaginations, another addition to latest inventions, this time in one of the Asian Tigers – Japan – will blow your mind away! The invention, a motorcycle powered by bio-waste, is indeed something else.

We probably must have heard about the use of bio-gas for similar purposes in recent past. however, this new technology about to be launched makes use of the waste directly from the scratch without any prior processing. In fact, in place of a regular seat, the three-wheeler has a toilet seat; complete with a huge paper roll at the back!

The motorcycle was unveiled on Thursday by Japan’s best-known toilet maker, Toto. And the “poop-powered” motorcycle can travel as far as 300 kilometres on a tank filled with animal waste. It has been billed as the world’s first waste-powered vehicle.

According to Kenji Fujita, a Toto spokesman, “The biogas it uses as fuel is not made from human waste. It’s made from livestock waste and sewage… We hope to raise awareness among customers about our green campaign through development of environmentally-friendly products such as water-saving showerheads and water-saving toilets.”