So You Think Nigeria is Very Corrupt? Read This Story from the World’s Most “Corruption-free Country”

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Hui “Leo” Gao

New Zealand remains the most corruption-free country in the world in the latest Corruptions Perceptions Index (CPI), with Nigeria wallowing somewhere around number 143 in the world. But the following story shows that not all that glitters is gold.

Sometime in April 2009, when Hui “Leo” Gao’s bank mistakenly deposited about $8.2 million USD into his business account, the New Zealander did the following:

He siphoned close to $6.8 million from his business account to personal accounts in his name and in his parents’ accounts. He also transferred more than $347,000 to casino accounts in Macau. He then fled New Zealand. His then-girlfriend, who gave birth to their son while on the run, followed four days later and opened a “player’s account” at the casino with her passport. Later, another $2.2 million was funneled to the same casino, but this time under Gao’s father’s name, Alex Wang.

Gao was arrested in September, 2011 when he tried to cross from mainland China to Hong Kong. Of course, he didn’t oppose being extradited, and was returned to New Zealand in late December. Being from a corruption-free country, and a “honest” person, Gao pleaded guilty to theft charges in June, and at his sentencing, his lawyer, Ron Mansfield, told the court his client could not resist the temptation placed in front of him by human error. Gao has been sentenced to five years in prison.

One would wonder what befell of Gao’s family members, who were all accomplices – either willingly or unwillingly – in the crime. Or perhaps they are not New Zealanders?

A lot of people talk about how Nigerians are corrupt – both the leaders and the followers. But, when Durojaiye Adeyemi Job, a polytechnic student, checked his account balance sometime in October, 2010, and found that it had been mistakenly credited with N9.3 billion, he didn’t withdraw a substantial amount and abscond.

Also, when Umeh Usuah, an Abuja taxi cab driver found about N18 million misplaced in his car, he did not run away with it. And his case is certainly not the first; there was the case of Muibi Sonubi, another taxi driver decades ago. There are other more recent stories – the cleaner at the Muritala Mohammed International Airport who found and returned about 7 million naira; there is also another story of a hotel laundryman, and the list goes on.

Yes these are just a few cases. But Nigeria is supposed to be one of the most corrupt countries in the world while New Zealand is supposed to be the corruption-free country!

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  1. Whoever wrote this fallacious post is not at home in the mind. The fact that u have gotten 4 honesty stories from Nigeria and just 1 dishonesty story from a ‘chinese New Zealander’- not even a born new zealander- doesn’t make Nigeria more corrupt-free than New Zealand. Come to think of it… What do u know about New Zealand, u have just one story, have u cared to research and see their numerous honesty stories or are u just interested in swimming in a fallacy. Please… Lemme remind u of the corrupt story I have been hearing from Nigeria lately- maybe u don’t read the news. Cynthia Osukogu, u know her? She is to be buried in september. She was killed by fraudster. Husbands beat wives everyday. U know Ibori? U know Nigerians that commit fraud abroad. I am a person that likes believing authority. If CPI says that Nigeria is corrupt. Then, yes maybe they are true. Let’s make Nigeria less corrupt, and not be unnecessarily defensive. The only person that wouldn’t believe authority is one who thinks the authority can lie or cheat. And the only person who would think that an authority can cheat him is one who has so much suffered in the hands of cheating and YES! Corrupt authorities like the Nigerian government. Please spare me ur coloured story. Be literate for once

  2. Lack of what to write made this writer to give us this bullshit. Dont even compare Nigeria to New Zealand at all.One bad story from a Chinese New Zealand not even a full citizen but here corruption runs in our blood and all our sectors are infested.

  3. Why do all of you judge your country and it people like they are nothing more than criminals. Even if they are, that dose not mean you just sit on your high throne and condem people withouth helping. Newzeland an Nigeria hvae nothin alike so don’t even compare. The authour is not trying to say that every Newzeland is as coroupt, he is just pointing out coruption is every where. Nigerians love to watch some one go down in flames for being coorupt but don’t praise people that are not. Before you condem people check your self

  4. Nigerians are good people. The system is just too corrupt. This writer must be a joker because there was no basis for comparism. We have a system where a secondary school leaver will one day deposit a billion in his account and nobody would check its source, we have cases of wealth whose source couldn’t be traced, we celebrate convicted politician-thieves, where in the world would all that happen?

  5. What’s this preposterous write-up all about? It’s very inappropriate at this point in time. Lets just face the reality that Nigeria is wholistically governed by corrupt-minded leaders in all ramification. There’s absolutely no point trying to deviate from the truth sentimentaly or striving to draw a comparison with a country far more ahead of us in the corruption free-zone…I DETEST THIS POST! jeez!

  6. What’s this preposterous write-up all about? It’s very inappropriate at this point in time. Lets just face the reality that Nigeria is wholistically governed by corrupt-minded leaders in all ramification. There’s absolutely no point trying to deviate from the truth sentimentaly or striving to draw a comparison with a country far more ahead of us in the corruption free-zone…I DETEST THIS POST! jeez!

  7. Citing one incidence in Newzealand does not change the status of the country as being corrupt free, particularly because the world over, it has been accelaimed to be true. Similarly, there are thousands of honest Nigerians and they are the ones keeping this country going, but this does not remove the country from institutional corruption it is suffering from. Nigeria is about the only country in the world where the goverment in an attempt to improve electricity has spent 16billion USD with vitually no result to show off. Further more, it is the only country in which a report of the parliament has alledged embezzlement of public funds to the tune of N1.07trillion, but state apparatus are doing nothing to pursue the money, rather they are battling the chairman of the committee that uncovered the dirty deals over an alleged bribe of less than 1million USD. We really need to change for the overall economic success of Nigeria.

  8. I did think d writer was in njia wen d hole state is on fire by d bad leaders of Nigerians. cn u tel hw many poor men dat die in nigeria every day by day?
    cn u tel d Innocent soul dat condemn just b/c of poverty in dis country?
    cn u tel hw many Youth re jobless in Nigeria?
    cn u tel hw many illegal Bomb factory we hv in nigeria?
    cn u tel hw much money pay to a militant in nigeria?
    noting cn set us free except Justice is only tine dat cn stop corruption in our Country.

  9. Am a strong beliver in the power of positive thoughts.
    Its true naija is in mess but i belive that together we can build a nigeria of our dream. GOD BLESS NIGERIA!


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