Story of Petroleum Minister Floating Private Airline Hits Airwaves amidst Praises

Within the past week various online media platforms have been publishing a certain story about how the Nigerian Minister for Petroleum Resources, Diezani Alison-Madueke and the Deputy speaker, Emeka Ihedioha have jointly launched a new airline called Vistajet.

Not only does the whole story smack of falsehood, but one cannot but notice the wanton show of hypocrisy with which the story has been presented. The shower of praises and accolades on the minister was all too noticeable with the use of words such as “thumbs up”, “pretty”, “brains”, etc.

Then follows the plea for the minister not to come out and deny this “investment” of hers which they have effectively painted to look like a bailout to the woes facing the country’s aviation industry at the moment.

While no right thinking Nigerian will discourage private investments which will increase competition and consequently improve quality of services to citizens, the idea of serving government officials dabbling into such ventures sounds all too ridiculous. Besides they (government officials) know better than to come out and acknowledge anything of that nature. Therefore, we should not be surprised if the minister comes out to deny any such thing.


  1. Is this part of the Subsidy funds or to assist reduce the pains on transport. To float an airline is not a Moin Moin affair. @ Joe , we can leave her alone , but how many people have died while she was sucking up money for this. Sooner or later every other minister will float their own. Where is the country headed.