Strange: Ligntening Strike Imam, 12 Others, Dead in Mosque

A strange lightening on Friday evening has left at least 13 Muslim worshippers dead while 15 others were hurt in the remote village of Saraswatipur, about 200 kilometres from Dhaka in northeast Bangladesh.

The Muslim worshippers were said to have been observing their Ramadan prayers, police said on Saturday. The imam was among those instantly killed when a lightning bolt hit the mosque in which they had been praying, which was made with tin and thatch.

According to a local council member, the lightning appeared to “electrify” the mosque after hitting a rooftop microphone which was run on power from a car battery. At this time, about 35 people from the village in the lake district of Sunamganj were holding prayers known as taraweeh — offered during the holy fasting month of Ramadan.

According to police chief, Bayes Alam, “…13, including the imam, died on the spot. The bodies and faces of some of the victims were burnt.” The police chief also added that six of those injured were hospitalised.

An eyewitness account reports that: “It was a terrible scene. Dozens were lying on the floor — some dead, others writhing in pain,” he said, adding most of the victims were young men in their 20s and 3Os.

“We took the injured in three boats and headed to hospital in Dharmapasa”, the closest big town, he said. “But it took hours to get there,” he added.


  1. Dia wz a saying dat a cow who dont av tail dat his God do chase fly 4 am,i pity all moslem,but am telling u people dat dis is jst lightning de next 2 come will be earth quake and thunder.u tink dat de blood of innocent xtrains shelld by u people will jst go lyk dat nop is de ans…i dont talk am b4 am very proud 2 be a worshiper of JESUS CHRIST de true son of de living God.

  2. Olodos! Some bunch of educated illiterates and fucked up Pope-wannabes! You’re comments indicates nothing but utmost enmity to Muslims! And your superficial judgement against islam in this manner only shows lack of in depth knowledge of your own religion for am sure Christianity does not validate Remorselessness to humanity due to religious variation! Misfortune befalls anywhere and at anytime! Hisss God forbid bad thing! 

  3. @ozigood, nemesis?christy sonny? godwin ? u guys ar n:tin bt piece of shallow brain, stupid biqots… neva wil i b happi ova d death of ma xtian fellows? u had beta shud dt maggot residin pit u call a m0ugh b4 God does dt 4u..

  4. I’d not read of any verse in bible where jesus took joy in others predicament (no matter what) with what many of you are posting, it shows there are no more 2ru jesus followers. Watch it little things count. Does it mean xtains are natural disasters free? Pls! Dont tempt God, he does what He likes.

  5. Helo fellows, it a gr8 tragedy dat befall our brothers nd sisters, i wizh d deceaseds to rest in God’s bossom. Though, religions r varies bt dat’s nt d will of God 4rm inception. We’r all Creatures of God’s image…love ur God nd love ur neighbour as u love urself. Dat’z d word of God. Christ z d king of d Universe…ONE GOD in FATHER, SON, nd Holy Spirt…may God bless u all

  6. Helo fellows, it a gr8 tragedy dat befall our brothers nd sisters, i wizh d deceaseds to rest in God’s bossom nd quick recovery for those hospitalise. Though, religions r varies bt dat’s nt d will of God 4rm inception. We’r all Creatures of God’s image…love ur God nd love ur neighbour as u love urself. Dat’z d word of God. Christ z d king of d Universe…ONE GOD in FATHER, SON, nd Holy Spirt…may God bless u all

  7. There’s absolutely no need raining abuses on each other. This incident for all I care could have been a natural occurrence with a scientific explanation. Not everything as this is an act of God, & even if it was, it’s none of our business. Judgment belongs to God! I respect people who do not share the same faith with me, much more every human life! My prayer however is that all will come to the knowledge of the eternal TRUTH in Christ Jesus which alone saves the soul.

  8. why call Muslims terrorist… Who started the first
    world war ? Muslims ??
    Who started the second world
    war ? Muslims ??
    Who killed about 20 millions of
    Aborigines in Australia ?
    Muslims ??
    Who sent the nuclear bombs of
    Hiroshima and Nagasaki ?
    Muslims ??
    Who killed more than 100 millions
    of Indians in North America ?
    Muslims ??
    Who killed more than 50 millions
    of Indians in south America ?
    Muslims ??
    Who took about 180 millions of
    African people as slaves and 88%
    of them died and was thrown in
    Atlantic ocean ? Muslims ??
    No , They weren’t Muslims!!! First
    of all, You have to define
    terrorism properly… If a non-
    Muslim do something is
    crime. But if a Muslim commit
    same..he is terrorist…

  9. Some kind of disasters should hav respect for sacred places, especially in hours of worship… How can a chief prist of Allah be roasted while rendering prayers to Allah, if not bcos of our evil deeds of dis our days. I hav no time to rejoice over other people’s calamity, but this should serve as a deterent to religious extremists who see others outside their belief as infidel and worthy to die. God help us all.

  10. Dis is natural nd scientifically can b xplained….so dnt really blame others 4 der comments,as it jst shw hw intellectually dumb they r…odawise any of them can ask dat der homes be built on or around rivers or sea wit xzatly d same material dat mosque was built wit nd c hw lng dey wil live on it durin its season…

  11. Its a big shame reading such comment from my Christian brothers ,u r happy that un believer perish where is the Godly love .its not about islam or Christianity we say we r of God and we find joy When people die even the bible says dat we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principality against powers of dis world we r falling for the trick of the devil its a shame.

  12. Death is an inevitable,as a good muslim we expct death evry scnd dat pass by,its there destiny they died dat way,can destiny b changed?no,so allah does wot he wish.i can strngly tell u dat d followers of jesus christ ar we muslims,we believ in him,teaches nd we follow him,wen tsunami struck nd claim d entire comunity d only buildin left was MOSQUE so wot do u say abt dat?as 4 u guys who claim 2 b a christain wit nonsence comment bware!2 him we cme nd 2 him we shall return,wish am 1 of dem dat died in such happy been a muslim… love

  13. Which touch not ur annoited?all the up to 200 bodies dat roasted in Rivers state r they sinner?or the hundreds of bodies dat face terrible deaths on our nigerian roads?or d Dana Air victims who perishes beyond recognition?or people who roast cos of BH attacks in churches???which god at work?I believe d god wit d small g nt GOD.He does wat pleases Him at any time,we r all His creatures,I’m proud to be a true muslim.

  14. Please I think individuals should always watch what they utter,cos there are so many things God made hidden to d human soul,nt just becos people faced death in place of worship means they r sinners,no!cos disaster strike at anytime and anywhere!I wonder how some people made it through school with daft minds and barbaric ideas and can also handle gadgets and comment on websites!tufiakwa!

  15. Nothing is as amusing as a fool who rejoices at another person’s misfortune. Look, the mosque was thatched and there was no lightening conductor. it’s an unfortunate tragedy and if you think it’s “good”. I hope it happens to you.

  16. what pains Most is nt d physical death bt d Spiritual Death of doz involved.
    In All History, who but Jesus said *I am The WAY* (others said Follow me, I am tryin 2 find d way or so).
    Of whom is it reported that He rose 4rm d dead, save Jesus? If it were a lie, his disciples wd nt hv given up dia lives.
    Hear this: Jesus is one with GOD; he said that too. So wht is christianity? A Religion? ….a Thousand times NO! It is God’s life in us…..praise God 4eva

  17. @sadeeq, lik dat short history.dis shows d hatred we 9gerians hv for veryy sure if u search history ssimilar tin would hv happenedd to d christains in d past durind dr worship too.abeg one love ma ppl.oncee more @sadeeq, lik d piece.

  18. De boko haram group said dat dey r fighting 4 allah,is dat not stupid?human being don’t fight 4 God is God dat fight 4 human beings,if allah can fight 4 dem dat is ok, dat means allah is worthy of worshiping,but if allah can’t fight 4 dem den reverse should be the dey should stop eating up innocent soul base on dey r fighting 4 allah whereas is de duty of allah 2 fight 4 dem. anyway i simpathize with de victims may dia soul rest in peace amen.

  19. Well. It is well indeed! If only the killings in Nigeria can stop! Whether we like it or not, christians like those above will feel the way they feel! I am sure they spoke out of impulse, not like they are that wicked! Fact is christians are being attacked, although muslims down south claims its not d hand work of muslims, facts still remain that things don’t appear like dat! I do not blame those that spoke first, but I implore them not to fight for God! Christ doesn’t rejoice are the fall of anyone! He rather wishes they repent! IT IS WELL! Get prepared!

  20. Can anybody here tell me where he or she will end his or her life? No,cos God almighty is capable of doing anything at any time.We are all in this world wen one year old child was pregnant,in the world where a child hold a portable Qur’an from its mother’s womb,where a mosque come out of the soil and some creatures that can not be seen are observing prayers inside it,where a bird is shouting Allahu Akbar,where a 3 yrs old child is reciting Al’Qur’an without any assistance from Alfa or Imam.There are some signs and wonders from The Christianity too and we saw them.God knows His followers and stop criticizing.Do not judge others,cos there is a guarantee of sinning against God through judging others…….God will deliver us from all calamities that may want to befall us.One Nigeria.

  21. We all think differently as humans according to our upbringing, environment, religion, etc. Let it be known to all, not all non-muslims are christians. I am not glad that those ppl died tragicly, but there is a reason for every ocurrence. I am sure all those that commented for or against the interest of a particular religion are not 100% righteous. Be grateful to God that u are alive and can still praise Him, it is not as a result of our strength. Rom 5:8. God have mercy on us all

  22. This is a shameful thng 4 such calamities to be heard frm a 9jerians. We all know about all d thngs dat had being hapening here in nigeria. We are suppose to be 1 to make our country beta. B4 we d muslims we think we are living with gud neighbours, but now d thng has started turning to other way round. Dis show us dat all d thngs dat had being hapening to muslims in nigeria u are not sympathizing us but happy of it being occuring. INNA LILLAHI WA INNA ILAIHIR RAJIUN

  23. If you can laugh @ others then what faith do u claim to have. Your faith doesn’t lie on what you feel, it starts frm how u relate with your God through others. You should watch what you say, you said u believe in Jesus Christ Yet you act like Jesus Is The God that striked the people dead. Subhanallah, I pray almighty Allah accept the Souls of the dead people and grant the Aljanat Fidaus. Watch what you say people, A muslim will never raise his hands to kill anyone except they try to kill him and he defends himself. Allah is one, he has no Son, Only him is our Leader, our only God. Believe in him because prove to us everytime that he is one.

  24. Pple stop criticising d moselums or attributing what 2 d cause that they were moselums….GOD created us all n one of his instructions is 2 love our neighbours n i can’t remember seeing any clause b4 we shud obey that commandment so pls inrespective of what is happening let’s love n pray 4 them.GOD HELP US ALL.

  25. Why all de fuse when non of u pple had de opportunity to chose a religion 4 urselfs. 99 percent of all religious pple just found demselfs in dat religion. And in any case we havent seem anyone dat died and came back to tell us which religion God belongs to. Dont mistake me to be an athiest, but i believe dat they way we individually chose to worship God is in fulfillment of our spiritual yearnings. Lets inculcute some level of tolerance towards our religious believes.

  26. Agape, the roman god Mithras 3000BC was referred to savior of mankind and “the lamb”. You can find it out. And if Jesus says to his disciples, I AM THE WAY (to the father), how could he be wrong? Didn’t he also say “AS LONG AS I AM IN THIS WORLD, I am the light of this world”? When Jesus was walking amongst men, who else do you think would have told them “truth” about God in all the world? Answer is none. Same thing during Noah. Noah was the way, if you still don’t get the logic, sorry, I can’t help you and by the way, Christianity is a religion, you guys like stealing everything from muslims. From morning devotions to whatnot, DEEN means way of life and that’s why muslims can come out plain and tell you Islam exists before Prophet Muhammad, because people had been living their lives in accordance with God’s way right from Adam-Noah-Abraham-Moses-Jonah-Jesus etc. Christianity started after Paul and his students twisted the teachings of Jesus founded upon myths of ancient pagan cultures that predates christ. If you want to know how many “gods” have died and risen, here are some… Krishna, Horus, Mithras etc… You can google the rest. They are so much. Islam is a deen. Prophet Muhammad came to stadardize it. Read yourself from Qur’an and be free from “Just Believe” dogma without logic. BTW, if christianity is a way of life, how does it explain alleviation of poverty? Or sharing of properties amongst household of the deceased? There are too many obscurities in christiandom. Assuming the whole world is to worship your 3 headed-god, does the taxation of the rich only have to go to the church? How does that help humanity? Heard of Zakat before? Men have higher sexual appetites, to stop adultery, Islam gave a chance to marry more than one… Meanwhile the population of females have multiplied to men. How did christianity “way of life” help in this case? Many many things. Your own is just to “believe”. While your pastors wear expensive suits and own multiple airplanes and preach Jesus wasn’t materialistic, they still tell you to bring the little you have to front of the church. In fact, christianity has no solution for humanity. Even the “love your enemy” hoax doesn’t work. In Islam, if you are oppressed, you are allowed to defend yourself. Which is plain common sense. Islam challenges man to use his sense, christianity tells its followers to suspend their brains. And yes, to end the long story, someone once said trust who is looking for the way not who says he has found the way. Your pomposity is appalling. Nothing wrong in asking God to guide you. If you think you are too good too do so, remember when you reach in front of God, you are on your own. Do some research, that very research they don’t want you to make because they are scared you will find out the truth…. And since yu have read the challenge, you will be questioned.

  27. My own contributions are that terrorism is carried out by Moslems and they should stop it. There are better ways to show grievances and settle them. Killing innocent Gods people is totally wrong before God or Allah as d case may be. If they feel taking lives is justifiable then the taking their own lives is also justifiable.

  28. Whats the point of this news? News all the way from south east asia Bangaladash to be presise it dosent have any importance in the Nigerian context…to my Fellow xtians am to ask u a question now do you mean that the xtians that the 25people that died last year in Benue church after heavy down pour when the church collapsed or the 125 people that died in a church in poland late last year after earthquake it so
    happen recently in Italy where
    there was earth quick. They are
    90% Christian, & Vertican is in
    Rome you mean that they were also punished by God?
    I really do not believed any body
    has any influence on controlling
    natural disaster. Earth quick, land
    slide, volcano, hurricane, femine,
    endemic, tsunamy, etc….. can
    happen any where as We only sympathise. I
    think its only in Nigeria that
    lightning or thurnder is
    associated with evil infact scientific research has shown that men are more likely to get strock by lightnen. If God decide
    to inflict you with any affliction
    no one has power to stop Him,
    not because God hate you but to
    test the extent of your faith in
    him. So Its waste of
    time trying to use any kind of
    propaganda to desuse Muslim
    from Islam, or to intimidate or
    harrase because Muslim are not
    dogmate & they render their
    believe in the oneness of their

  29. Please, if you are in Kano or Kaduna, open an account with Ja’iz (islamic) bank. This bank shares profit or loss with its customers and it will solve problem of economy, but the conventional (rothchild’s) bank won’t want it to thrive because they want to keep stealing from the people and make them hang themselves because of the heavy interest they impose on them. Please, spread the word. Another way Islam helps. :)

  30. Shit!invisible discusion i hate it.we’ve left what 2 comment abt nd we’re saying somtin else no body wot soever may want his or her religion 2 b regarded as neva d less we must learn how 2 say d truth without hinderance.we dont need 2 trouble ourself over religious matter just hold on 2 what u so believe @least we shall leave dis sinful world one day bt remember God can not be fought 4 as d claim!JESUS WILL BE MAGNIFIED IN ALL NATION SOONEST.SHALOM!!!

  31. I plz cal on my muslim brothers 2 repent,i cn quote sm versions of d quoran.
    Surah 8:12 says “i ll cast terror in2 d hrts of dose who hv disbelieved,so strike them over d neckhn smite over al their fingers n toes”

  32. It’s quiete unfortunate to see other people rejoicing over calamities that befalls others, Allah has described him self as Ar-Rahman and Ar-Raheem, that’s the most beneficient and the most merciful, so wether u worship Him or not, dat doesn’t stop Him from fufilling the destiny of each one of us. So b careful with ur ultrances for the table may turn next to any one. I pray Allah grant them Al-janat fridaus Amin

  33. Priceless, rightly so. “Unbelievers are unto us an open enemy”. By the way, christians were not being referred to in that verse. Christians and Jews, in the qur’an are referred to as “people of the book” meaning, they have their own scriptures and this is historic even when Muhammad (pbuh) was in Medina and was made a judge between the different religions after he left Mecca (a prophet has no honor in his own home). And you need you need to know what happened before then instead of snipping verses out of context like a wayward terrorist would. In the bible, “If anyone comes to me, and doesn’t hate his own father, mother, wife, children, brothers, and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he can’t be my disciple. Whoever doesn’t bear his own cross, and come after me, can’t be my disciple.” Luke 14:25-27

    O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm in justice, witnesses for Allah, even if it be against yourselves or parents and relatives . Whether one is rich or poor, Allah is more worthy of both. So follow not [personal] inclination, lest you not be just . And if you distort [your testimony] or refuse [to give it], then indeed Allah is ever, with what you do, Acquainted. [Qur’an4:135]

    And you need to see how the “unbelievers” always betray the muslims, did the qur’an ever say “kill them” or did it give a condition to “kill them”?

    “To those against whom war is made, permission is given (to fight), because they are wronged – and verily Allah is Most Powerful for their aid – (They are) those who have been expelled from their homes in defiance of right – (for no cause) except that they say, ‘Our Lord is Allah’. Did Allah not check one set of people by means of another, there would surely have been pulled down monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques, in which the name of Allah is commemorated in abundant measure. Allah will certainly aid those who aid his cause, for truly Allah is full of strength and might.” [Surahal-Hajj: 39-40]

    “Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; forAllah loves not transgressors. And kill them wherever you catch them and drive them out from whence they drove you out, for terrorism is worse than killing. But do not engage in combat with them at the sacred mosque unless they engage you in combat there. But if they combat against you, kill them. Such is the rewardof those who suppress faith. But if they cease, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. And combat them on until there is no more terrorism or oppression and there prevail justice and faith in Allah. But if they cease, don’t let there be hostility except to those who practice oppression.”
    [Surah al-Baqarah: 190-193]

    If you still don’t get that it is “fight those who are fighting you” and stop if they cease fighting, but instead rely on mainstream media, sorry, I can’t help you.i

  34. @my name.y dat version of d bible u just quoted luke 14:26-27,hate does’nt mean d type u’re refering means dat u shld nt allow ur parents 2 stop u frm following jesus….hs d only ticket 4 u 2 go 2 heaven..
    N dn’t dare tel me dat am misquoting d quran
    N y did’t u say anytin abt D rivers of wine allah promised u? In surahs 5:93,and 2:219
    wat abt SURAH 4:34?does nt Allah gv permission 2 beat up hs wife anytym she misbehaves n had been admonished.
    WAT ABT IN D HADITH SAHIH MUSLIM,?Abt a womam who came 2 Muhammed 2 confess her unfaithfulness 2 ha husband whch had led 2 pregnancy: Muhammed then caled her master(husband)n said “Treat her wel,n when she delivers,bring her 2 me.he did accordingly.then allah’s Apostle pronounced judgment abt her n her clothes were tied around her n then he commanded n she waz stoned 2 death(hadith No 4207)DOES ALLAH HATE 2 4GIVE HS FOLLOWERS?Muslims hate 2 tolerate their neighbors DATS D BITA TRUTH PERIOD!

  35. My fellow Christians, who are saying all sort of rubbish, are just disgrace to christiandom, because it is not good to rejoice at others’s calamity. I’m very sorry because of this occurence. Though, it has scientific meaning. I pray God in his infinite mercy, shall continue protecting all of us…….christians, muslims, hindis et cetera.

  36. Please brodas and sisters in The LORD,,,Let us stop cursing those of the other religion,, instead let us pray that they may open their eyes and see that they are blind,, May we pray for them to repent and Accept JESUS CHRIST,,THE ONLY LORD AND GOD,,,, and may we never wish Muslims evil,,, Many have repented and seen the difference in Following JESUS,,, pls never wish yur neighbour evil,, JESUS IS COMING SOON,,,ARE YU READY?

  37. Dis is pathetic…israel or waheva u ar..criously who is repentin and who is blind…who is d sinner…God creatd humans..white black,he knows d future,present past,waheva…yet he creatd us…so many religion…u have ur own belief,belive in waheva path u chose to…wats wf d hatred anyways…u kant get evry1 in d universe to walk in ur path…ignorance,dats wat kils us al…u talk as if u know it all…only D Almighty knows it all…im proudly a muslim born a muslim and i’l die being a muslim…so whoeva is sayn shitz shld just stop kos u aint certain wat is nt and wat is…only d Almighty knows al…funi how life e answers prayers gives power to people..wisdom authority,bt stil stil e’s above us al…Allhamdililah…yo haters…make brain,u dig?

  38. What we shld believe is, nobody can give d best meaning of religious book (Quran or Bible) except those dat practice d religion and have d knowledge of d book. U dat were quoting d book of opposite religion, I guess u shld stop dat. May God be wt d victims.