Things You Should Never Do At Your Work Place

* Never get to talk about your colleagues to fellow colleagues especially what you can’t say openly. It has no other word but you being a GOSSIP. Those same people you gossip with are most likely going to tell others what you said and how you are such a bad gossip.

* Avoid lending money or other items from colleagues. Its better to look outside for your financial, fashion and other needs rather than looking for your helpers within the office environment. You always lose respect from colleagues when you take your needs to them.

* Avoid discussing your family, emotional, financial and general problems with colleagues. In the office place, there is always something to be said and the day the office lacks gist, a secret shared with a colleague might just pop-up to be the discussion of that day.

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* Never talk evil about your bosses, colleagues and job. The office setting is like a jungle. It is always survival of the fittest. A colleague who is the bosses’ enemy today can turn around and seel you out to gain favours from the boss and remain in their good books.

* Never buy things all for the purpose of impressing your colleagues. While you are busy doing fashion competition with your fellow colleagues, always remember that your days to exit their company is drawing near. Either through retirement, retrenchment, resignation or even sack, one day you will have to leave that company. So rather than waste of frivolous items to create a ‘fake personality’, try to have savings to help you out during raining days.

* Don’t always offer to pay for meals and other items for your colleagues when you go outing. Since you all collect salary, then don’t make it a point of duty to always pay for colleagues. If you do it consistently just to create a ‘nice personality’ image, it will be taken personal by colleagues when you try to stop.

* Let your colleagues know your turnoffs. In as much as you should avoid quarrels, confrontation and malice at the office, it is always good to point out to colleagues when they do anything to you that you aren’t happy with. Let people know when they are crossing the line of familiarity.

* Never be too dependent on a colleague. If you have a colleague who has a car while you don’t have one and go your direction, don’t always make it a point of duty to follow them every single day of the week. You get a salary and part of the expenses you need to incur is yours transportation so don’t be too miserly. Even though the need to save is understandable, don’t make anyone believe they are doing you a huge favour. There’s nothing wrong if you decide to take public transport even while your colleague is heading towards your direction. That way they will not only respect you, but also realize you can do without their favours.

* Where and How one finds love is something that can never be predicted. But if you can totally avoid having a relationship or falling inlove with a colleague then the better for you. It saves you from subject of office gossip, uneceassry pressure, fake life, self denial and a lot of other vices associated with dating a colleague at the office.



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