Too Many Unmarried Youths: Imo State Might Introduce Uniform Bride Price!

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Following what they have described as an increase in the number of unmarried youths in their community, the Traditional Parliament in Imo State is currently looking at a motion which seeks to harmonize the fee to be paid as bride price in all communities in the state.

The motion, which is entitled, “Motion on the Harmonization of the Marriage Institution in Imo”, was moved by Eze Duru Okwudor and Eze Obi II of Okwudor in Njaba Local Government Area alongside other traditional rulers, and the Traditional Parliament, in Owerri, has passed its first resolution on it.

According to Okwudor, high pride price and difficulties involved in the process of traditional marriage are some of the reasons for a change in the system. He also noted that the behaviour of some parents and community leaders on the issue of bride price during marriage was a source of worry to young adults. In his words, “What obtains in the marriage institution today leaves much to be desired. It is as if the parents want to sell their daughters. If this is allowed to continue it will translate into a big problem to our youths who want to marry.”

While the motion has been seconded by some of his colleagues such as Eze Ekperechukwu of Obowo, others, like Eze Ekwueme Ekwueme, the Ochia of Ohaji Ebgema, opposed the motion and urged the parliament to allow communities to decide on the bride price. His reason: it would be out of place for the traditional rulers to decide for parents, who had spent much in training their daughters, on how much to collect for bride price.

Well, whatever they decide, a lot of non-indigenes are interested to know if the new bride price – if introduced – will be applicable to brides that will be married off to non-indigenes as well!

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  1. This is a welcome development. The issue of astronomical bride price in lgbo land has been a major dent in our culture. Imo state is undoubtedly setting a pace for other lgbo states to follow. Eze Ekwueme who opposes this laudable motion can go ahead selling her daughters to the highest bidders.If he thinks that parents spend so much training their daughters, he must also realise that so much is equally spent training sons. And sons-inlaws in most cases continue training their wives where their parents stop

  2. Its not just reducing the bride price,they should admonish their parents to give their kids good training so that they will be saleable products.investigation has proved that Imo girls indulge most in promiscuity like coquetry etc

  3. Its not just reducing the bride price,they should admonish their parents to give their kids good training so that they will be saleable products.investigation has proved that Imo girls indulge most in promiscuity; like coquetry etc

  4. Is tru let d parents teach dia daughter gud character, mostly places like, mbaise,mbaitolu, owerri main town and ngor okpala, they are gud in deceiving men dat they will marry them after dia sku dey will start lukin for excuse, forgettin dat nemesis will catch up with them in future.

  5. Let them keep selling their daughters for money.In a society where girls don’t even have the desired character to be called wife.I feel sorry for this generation with the way they look for money,they sell people (daughters) in exchange for money,trader by barter in highest order.When you see all these girls they are so empty in their being,after uselessing themselves in school,during their service year they will come out to say they want to marry,and they still make them expensive.How can you make a worthless girl,without proper character expensive? Conclusively,train your girls not to love money excessively,most of them when they marry you they marry you because of your money.

  6. @kalume uchenna I tink u r not normal… D post is 4 imo state and nt ibo land so b4 u comment reason well..let me remind u dat its only imo state dat has such mess so dnt say deyr setting a pace cos it is no pace but dey r looling 4 solution 2 dia problems. Find out dia history based on bride price den compare it 2 oda ibo states

  7. This is a welcome development wic must be embraze. Dis issue of bride price in imo state has gotten at of of hand expecially in mbaise, it is very very outragious dat if u come for a gal hand in marriage the list dat will be presented to u will chase u away. They now av list for the ansestor. They av to luk at the way Enugu state marriage list is and emulate. Pls dis motion must be pasted and a comittee set up to luk at this issue before i reach ma menopulse sori womanopulse

  8. Parents of the bride should remember that there is lyf after marriage..and after collectn heavy bride price,wil they still demand 4 assistance 4rm dia son inlaw?

  9. If a girl has d qualities one needed in a woman includin education den u go for it wht is d complain 4. At least dt wll alwaz remaind u dt u didn’t jst pick d woman and in d orda hands u dialogue wt d family 4 dm 2 cut down on d bride price if u can nt afford d money rather dan cllin 4 a fix price ova bride price. 10k u

  10. All of u that are talking agaist ur girls, don’t have money, go huzzle like ur mates u wil not, after u wil want 2 marry credit stupid & hopeless pple. Osho free.e.e. Somebody that can not feed himself how can u marry. If u don’t have money go & look 4 ur type.

  11. @rosita: i just hope ur father has a plot of land to give so u can live with him. Cos guys are wise now. We don’t marry liabilities anymore. So if u don’t have anything doing, i’ll advise u go look for work. Cos that’s the basic and minimum requirement for a gal to be marriagable .

  12. Ma people the funny thing about this matter is that IMO people are like dogs, their culture is nothing to write about, during traditional rites the mother will demand, when she put to bed she will demand, some of them will give list as if u want to build house let me tell ibos DT have culture they are corrupt and seek nothing but money and they can go to any lenght to achieve it.


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