“We Were Just Acting” – K Solo And His Wife Apologise To Nigerians Over Alleged Fight

In a shocking revelation on Channels TV and contrary to what they fooled Nigerians into believing, music producer and singer, K Solo (who has produced songs for Timaya), has admitted that all the media propaganda surrounding the issues he had with his wife was a script played out by both of them.

K-Solo And His Wife Kikelomo On ChannelsTV

He said they never had any marital issues but were just playing pranks.”I’m a showbiz person, if I don’t do singing, I do acting”. According to him, the incidence made him to distinguish his friends from enemies. Giving credence to what K Solo said, his wife added, “we were just acting, all you saw was acting”. She thanked everyone and apologized to all who were taken in by their antics.

Going further, the music producer said they were just catching fun and enjoined Nigerians to watch out for a movie that would capture the story

Incase you missed it, K Solo’s wife had accused him of turning her into a punching bag, theft and infidelity. The story was given wide media publicity as pictures of her battered face graced the pages of entertainment and gossip blogs as well as other news platforms as she cried and sought the help of Nigerians who expectedly condemned his actions in no uncertain terms.

Bruised Face Of Kikelomo When She Broke The Story Over The internet and granted a number of interviews for the prank.

This must be the prank of the year as we all believed the story to be true but this was one joke too expensive. Do you believe their ‘prank’ story?


  1. The king that kept harassing his subjects with the coming of a lion without them seeing the lion each time they come out to rescue him, when the lion eventually came, no one heeded his call. He was devoured by the beast. Kikelomo, Kikelo, Kike!!! Dis play no be am oh! Zakky Adzay, borrow their idea.

  2. Are we fools? Wouldnt it be easier to tell us they reconciled their differences than make a mockery of theirselves once more! Thank god 4 u guyz,bt “i battered my wife bt now we re back,“ would have been better.

  3. Some people are just stupid.This stupid boy called K solo think everyone is a fool like him abi..I pity that wife,Kike and even when He will kill her like Arowolo,na that time the script will complete.The end.

  4. men dis is an annoying clasified lies ,dat lady should not worry when dat devil come backs to him he wil strangle u nd ur child to death nd we will have a happy ending for our nollywood scripts idiots


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