“You killed civilians, not us”: Boko Haram Tells JTF

News in circulation within the past twenty-four hours has it that members of the Joint Task Force (JTF) have killed at least twenty members of the dreaded Boko Haram sect, with even more arrested. Other reports even have it that the number of those killed could be as high as thirty-one (31).

However, reacting to this news, the members of the sect have come out with a statement that those killed by the JTF are indeed civilians and not terrorists. As far as they were concerned, not even a member of their sect was around the location where the killings were carried out.

Spokesman of the sect, Abu Qaqa told a teleconference for journalists in Maiduguri, capital of Borno state, that his fighters had not been meeting at the place where the military said it killed them. According to him, “They only succeeded in killing civilians,” Qaqa said. “Twenty of us cannot risk sitting in a volatile place to hold a meeting … It is not possible.”

However, A security officer said a mixed military and police force, had tipped off about a Boko Haram meeting on Sunday. When they approached the site, they were shot at and this led to the attack in which 20 “terrorists” had been killed. One soldier was also lost in the shootout.

Just a few days ago, the US had advised the Federal Government on the use of tact, rather than force alone, in dealing with the issue of terrorism in the country.


  1. I advice all of you idiots called bokoharam that instead of hinding and missquating the media,come out and face the music as well trained terrorists.
    Since those people killed are not your men,they are your fathers and brothers.because they also killed one soja aswell.
    Hausas are all bokoharam.
    Jtf,kill even rats,lizads,etc.

  2. Joseph,I The best word 2 qualify u wt is a stack illiterate.In as much as we wnt bh out of Nigeria,we equally want justice 2 b done.mayb,smday u wl cm 2 realise dt nt evrybdy in d north or south is a b.h or millitant thus,armless civillians shld nt b kild in place of b.h or millitants jst 2 receive applause frm d public.We ar watching with keen interest as we pray 2 c d end of ds tragedy soon.

  3. I dey hear! If they are not Boko pple what were they doing wit guns in an isolated place? Why did they fire first and killed a soldier? Any way they are good northerners but majority are voilent and heartless! Even the ones we see on d street any little argument they will bring out daggar to Stab somebdy! God help una !

  4. Come out as well train terrorists and lead ur orchestra..let’s see if any1 claps @ terrorism with cheers..afterall d igbo,s came out in d 60,s and a bloody civil war ensued…that was more of a massacre and genocide…but we fought 2 d last man…not on masks though or incessant spate of bombs…cowards…

  5. U guys shul cum out nd fight news hs carried that more than 20 menbers of Boko haram has been kill in a gun battle n is true nw the federal government hv takin a challenge that u terrorists shul cum out instead of u tu cum out ur stayin in ur hidin place n ur waggin ur tongues.

  6. Does anyone expect a group of insurgents to accept loss? Of course maybe, what they have said is that they have been using STUPID civilians to prosecute their “JIHAD” and not one of them. But I find it difficult to believe that any Civilian group will open fire on the Military even to the extent of killing one of them. And where and when that happens, its an attack on the STATE and such a place should be “ODI-LISED” and “ZAKI-BIAMED” chikena. B-H should not bother lecturing us on whether they would risk meeting in a volatile place or not. Those amateurs trying to spoil the GOOD NAME of B-H met in a volatile place and attacked NIGERIA killing an officer and were repelled. MAY GOD SAVE US.

  7. However, let us educate ourselves NOT all Hausas are Boko Haram. Being a Northerner is not synonymous with being an HAUSA and neither synonymous with being BOKO-HARAM. So let’s not make ourselves our own enemy by sheer laziness to learn.

  8. I cannot help but to think that FG dont want to end BH insurgency, because we Were happy when we heard that FG found a way of negotiating with BH and now FG is now telling us that they will go after them, it means that FG is cancelling the negotiation. As innocents caught in the crossfire, e be like say FG want us to take up arms 4 self defence and become peace keepers between FG and BH. Should anyone correct me if i am wrong.

  9. These nitwits think they can win this war with verbal assaults… brother Abu qaqa’s followers, its the end of the road…. JTF will smoke you out of your hide outs. Soon, your grandchildren (if you’ll ever have one) will be told of the stories of how you failed. You claim to be very intelligent and bold in defending what you believe in but what I see is cowardice in your low life. Giving a statement in defense of your failure that civilians were killed and not your rats of an insurgence is too cheap a claim in a developed Nigerian man thinking like me and some good Nigerians here because we know that as one of the utensils you find in a terrorist’s kitchen…. so quit the chase bozo hallal, you’re a failed ass motherfucker.