Zaaki Azzay’s 8 year marriage ends; wife claims years of battery

Zaaki Azzay’s marriage to Hadiza Azzay has ended after 8 years and three children together. Sources have it that the breakup happened four months before now but it’s just getting blown to light now because of the custody battle they are both in.

Hadiza, 29, was said to have packed out of her husband’s house on April 17th after being badly battered the day before by Zaaki. She was able to leave with two of her children, leaving the eldest behind.

The woman said Zaaki had been battering her for years, sometimes he would beat her so much she would faint, and that her stay was kept further simply because of pressure from family and friends who told her to go back for her children’s sake. She said she left him twice last year but returned to him after much pressure from the same family and friends. But when the battery continued, she made up her mind to end her marriage for good because she didn’t want to be another dead wife.

Hadiza had since leaving her husband, been under the care of an NGO as she was a housewife. The NGO is one that takes care of battered women, and they’ve given her and her children shelter and are taking up her case.

An official press statement is expected of her soon. It was also reported that she is dealing with the police who arrested her for allegedly ‘kidnapping’ her own children. She claims Zaaki has been using the police to harass her.

As it isn’t a fair judgement to take on a one sided story, Zaaki’s side of the story is expected to come out soon, hopefully.