10 Things Men Should Know About Women

1. Don’t say “I love you” the first time before, during or after sex because they may think you are using them or just saying it for the sake of sex. She’ll prefer it if you hug her from behind and whisper it in her ear.

2. All men lie and most women will leave  you if you have lied. But it’s better if you lied when they asked you how they look because they are just fishing for compliments.

3. You can easily turn her on by leaving her messages or sending her text message and e-mail,let her know you care for her and wiling to spend time on her.Even a call during lunch break is good enough.

4. Women love getting surprises,so buy her small gifts occasionally or bring her on a date without telling her the plans.

5. Be confident and ask her out directly and she will say yes if you did.Confidence attracts women more.

6. Pay attention to her if she looks different and throw her some compliments.100% of women will be happy when they are being noticed.

7. Tell her how much you feel about her,tell her what is she in your heart because they want to be the best thing that has happen to you and you’re the one to tell them.

8.They will start to search for better ones when they don’t feel your love.Chances are not giving often so when they are not feeling the love that they once gave to you,they will pay attention to people who treat them better.

9. Never EVER compare them with your ex-girlfriend.It’s best to avoid talking about your ex because she may think that you still miss/love them.Of course it’s a different case if she is concerned  about your previous relationship.

10. Women loves man who are in charge.So don’t ask obvious questions like”Do you want dessert” so just order it and let them think they you just read their mind.


    • Good analysis but there are some of this new generation ladies out there who gets it wrong,when you try to impress them and make them feel loved their head will swell and they’ll start making you their foot stool, that’ is like you’ve not seen their type before.