3 dead as unknown assailants storm student quaters In Maiduguri

It was a gory scene as three undergraduate students of the University of Maiduguri Borno State were discovered slaughtered and lying in the pool of their own blood in their one room self contained apartment in the 202. Housing Estate along Bama Road largely occupied by students of the university as a result of short supply of hostels within the school premises.

The trio included one Abdul popularly known and called shizzy D presently in level 400 in the faculty of Engineering followed by one Halima, a level 500 student of the prestigious faculty of Law and also another popularly known as D2. It was not immediately known who were in the fore front of the attack as at the time of filing this report. The news of the attack rented nerves on the entire student population while the memebers of the J.T.F has since taken their dead bodies to the mortuary and the area adequately cordoned off.


  1. @CHINENYE ezirim: U are crying more than the bereaved.. U are schooling in LAGOS and she is schooling in maiduguri. How come do you know each other? Just dey ask o! RIP Halima

  2. @CHINENYE ezirim: U are crying more than the bereaved.. U are schooling in LAGOS and she is schooling in maiduguri. How come do you know each other? Just dey ask o! RIP Halima and ABDUL

  3. @tony how insensitive and callous are you? What kind of stupid question is that? So two friends can’t go to different schools or be in different cities. Are you an illiterate? Did it even occur to you that they could have grown up together or gone to the same secondary school. So it’s either u give your condolences or better still, keep your dumb question to yourself. Nonsense!

  4. Dnt kw u avnt met u before bt i dnt feel gud at al. This is carlous. May u rest in d lord. God hlp ur family 2bear dz loss. No 1 kws 2mao. Am jus speechless

  5. FYI Tony,i attended d same sec skul wit dem.i.e.chinenye and halima and they were lyk best frnds..so u cn lyk to drop ur comments and fly away….*smh…chinenye take hrt jo…wht a horrible tin to say

  6. Halima yy, chinenye we just have to stay strong. Gosh cnt believe dis, we were all togeda, d b ball gals, I, u(halima), chingy, bolanle alake, daala, nwanyimma. Its painful buh we will stay strong. We love u dr

  7. Words can’t Express aw I feel ryt Now….Mtchwwwww …,,,SMH ..I miss u shizzy D”Halima and D2….we will all meet again Wher is no tym and space…ma man Shizzy***** waka well” we will still kip d Music on nd always Remember U…R.I.P………Cries

  8. Halima may ur soul rest in peace..we will never forget u in our prayers insha Allah…chinenye n damilola ojuri take heart indeed this is a grt loss to all of us..we will miss her dearly…still cnt bliv she’s gone..

  9. @tony,dat’s really dumb of u.#justsaying#
    RIP Halima,u were always so full of life…
    Chinenye,she’ll want u n all of us τ̅☺ be strong right now n i know she’s in a better place.

  10. OMG!!!!…no,no,not you halima….U̶̲̥̅̊ had so much going for
    U̶̲̥̅̊…y did dis have 2 happen…nw D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ are even killing
    Their own..wat next will they do..RIP halima..
    ’m sure dat ϔ☺ΰя̩̥̊ soul will rest in peace cos
    U̶̲̥̅̊ were alwaz@peace wiv odas…will miss U̶̲̥̅̊ loads…

  11. TRIBUTES TO YAKUBU WAKAWA (D2), ABDULMALIK(shizzy D) and Halima (H)……..may ur soul rest in perfect peace!!! maid use to be fun and lively until this series of attacks started. i do remember vividly how close you guys are………….. I’ve known you guys ( yakee,shizzy and H ) for 4yrs and i just cant imagine that you are all gone @ the same time!!!! if its a dream pls wake me up when September ends…………cant imagine what there parents will be going through nw

  12. Halima is one of the nicest souls I’ve ever known. Can’t believe I will never see her again in ds world. Shizzy, the music freak, tho we had our differences was also a cool person I actually liked. May God rest their souls. Rip :(

  13. When will this killing stop in maiduguri, haba !!!!!!! do this people fear God at all ? may the blood of these ones that were killed cryout to God fpr vengeance on the killers Amen. It has to stop oh Lord

  14. This is wickedness! We miss u Halima! May ur soul rest in peace! May Almighty Allah expose ur killers! This is really sad : ( ! m Going tru my my year book n its hard t blv u r gone ! We miss u! rest in peace

  15. Its so touching, I feel like weeping right now. I knew these 3 so well, though we were not friends. Shizzy D and I meet regularly @ a recording studio @ 202, and I can still remember the 1st day I saw Halima (H) performed @ Efizzy night organized by creative art department, she totally blew ma mind with her mix tape song (hold yoh). D2 was also a nice person too, he’s alway @ a friends place who happens to my neighbour back in maid. Its so sad they left this soon. I was actually in the hospital when I heard the news, I was also shot @ 202 on my way to school by the ISLAMIC SECT on thursday 27/09/2012 and on friday they also where attacked @ their resident just two buildings away from where I stay. All we can do now is to pray for them, we love them but God loves them most. Rest in perfect peace Shizzy, Halima and D2, may God grant )’all enternal rest. God please fight our fight for us…

  16. I miss you a lot halima. It broke my heart when i heard what happened to you. It has taken me a while to get over this and i am not completely over this. Atimes i have a situation and i want to call you but then there’s no you again! Very painful. I Know your close to me every day still … and i cant wait till that day id see your face again. RIP My Good friend Halima05/01/90-29/09/12 love you always and forever….


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