A Note To Our Fathers On Unemployment

The rate of unemployment is increasing not only in Nigeria but throughout the world. Many countries in Europe have needed to be bailed out of their financial struggles. Generally, world economy has been on the decline for years and it has taken its toll on unemployment rate with the statistics so heartbreaking that we rather not discuss it, but we all know the major challenge facing Nigerian youths among others is unemployment.

In those days, we heard graduates never grappled for jobs, and that there were always options of job offers to choose from. I don’t know if our parents ask themselves the same questions that run through my mind everyday. One of such questions is how they watched things go this bad. I wonder if they ever blame themselves for the fate we are suffering now. Things were good when their fore-fathers handed over to them. What legacy are they going to leave for us? A country with so many unemployed youths who would readily volunteer anything for money? A country with trillions of Naira in foreign debts? A country where no one can sleep with both eyes shut? A country where fathers have set examples of corruption for their kids? Their fore-fathers gave them a future. What kind of future have they prepared for us?

At the base of every atrocity committed in this country are unemployed youths and a corrupt elder. Unemployment is the evil we have to eradicate if our future will be guaranteed. But unemployment will continue to increase if our country won’t go back to being a manufacturing country and look for a way to woo back all those manufacturers that fled for neighboring countries. I hope our government knows why they left in the first place. Make those amenities available and the nation secure, and watch them come back, and new manufacturers spring up. Encourage private enterprises and make grants available for research. Develop local content and stop importation of things that can be produced locally. Unemployment can be reduced if higher institutions are empowered to innovate and ingenuity appreciated and rewarded.

We have Degrees, Higher National Diplomas, Masters degrees, and yet we can’t find a job? We heard you people got good jobs even with secondary school certificates in those days. What have you done to us? Why not fix things before you go so that you will be remembered for your good works. You wouldn’t have to encourage entrepreneurship if there are enough jobs, because people with a passion for it will venture into it and excel. No one will have to become an entrepreneur due to unemployment without actually having the qualities.

I don’t know much but I know things weren’t this bad when you were our age, and unemployment wasn’t this rife. Whatever wrongs you did to make things this bad, please fix them. Unemployment must reduce in our country.


  1. The unemployment is bitting. After the slogan ‘Greatest Nigerian Students!’ next is ‘unemployed Nigerian graduates!’ We were told those days about this and now I’ve tested it and still testing it. Whither Nigeria?

  2. Good write-up. Honestly, my father started life well with secondary school equivalent. With a BSc degree, am still struggling with life to suffive. How will this not be when values has so reduced that leaders can celebrate completion of jail term after beng sentenced for corruption


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