Aneke Twins: “Why We Can’t Just Say Yes To Psquare”

The Aneke sisters in a recent interview granted to E-Express, opened up on several issues bordering on their burgeoning careers especially their desire to walk down the aisle with twin brothers the same day, why they can’t marry Peter and Paul Okoye of the P Square fame and how lesbians bombard them with text messages.

They said: “Our prayer is to marry twin brothers and have our weddings same day. We pray for this every day. Our suitors can pay our bride prices differently, but we want the wedding to hold on the same day. God said ‘my daughter, ask anything you want and it shall be granted.”

According to them, this form of union referred to as quaternary marriage doesn’t happen too often. Over the years, only few twin sisters across the shore of Nigeria have walked down the aisle with identical twin grooms.

Asked if they would accept marriage proposal from P Sqaure, the Anekes affirmed, “If they come we would’ve to pray over it. We can’t just say yes to them, except if it’s the will of God. Even Jesus Christ told God ‘let your will be done’.  With the level we’ve attained in Christianity, we don’t think we can just wake up and say yes to anybody that comes seeking our hands in marriage.

“They are good on their side, but we can’t just say yes like that. This is because once we are married, we are married. We would not on any ground go out of our marriages. So that is why we are being careful with who we say ‘yes I do’ to.

“Look, money is not everything oh! God will always show you signs to prove to you that so so person is your husband. I want a situation where I will miss my husband whenever he is not around. See my brother; it’s after white wedding and traditional wedding that the real marriage sets in! One has to be very careful when going into marriage, if we marry, we will even buy condoms and give our husbands once they are stepping out! The fact that almost every man cheats is unarguable. Even my late father at his old age was still saying ‘Ada kedu’ (fine girl how far?) (Laughter). But he loved and cared for his children. One woman is hardly enough for any man.”

On how they are coping with the issue of lesbianism prevalent in the movie industry, the fast rising duo said: “They (lesbians) have been sending us text messages. They don’t come to us direct. They will call our PA and start passing all kind of messages to us. They have been calling and sending messages.


  1. i think, u girls ve missed it somewhere along the line. How ll u say u ll buy condom to ua husbands as they go out, what kind of marriage ll tht be, made in Heaven or earth? God pls give ua understanding to know ua will,mind n what is right.

  2. 4rm my own opinion,all men are nt d same.There are faithful rare ones out there dat doesn’t require buying of condoms when they are travellin,it takes d grace of God to locate them.

  3. My dear it is a taboo for two persons frm one family to marry two brothers frm d same family, jst as it is a taboo 4 one man 2 marry 2 sisters frm one house, d moment bride price is paid for one person, d both families hv become one in d blood as dey r expected to hv sex & pro-create, now 4 a second marriage to take place frm d same immediate families, dre’s a problem sum where den. It is unafrican 2 wish 4 wat u two r wishing 4, it jst like my younger brother getting married 2 my wife’s younger sister… Pls spit dt out of ur mouth & dn’t let pple hear it, cos wen u’ll start having spiritual problems in dt marriage, u’ll b running frm church to church looking 4 sumtin dt is nt lost, searching 4 hu’s after u in ur village wen no one is bt urself…

  4. See mgbeke girls. P-Square doesn’t even know that they exist. Upon say them no fine at all at all, them dey wait for twins. Keep waiting. By the time you guys reach menopause, they will be reserving seat for u people in singles summit.

  5. @anotisolosita watch ur tongue n d insults. Well all I can say is dt its nt a fantastic idea for twins to wait for another twins to cum n marry dem cos a woman’s tym passes.

  6. Yes I’m a twin, we got married the same date, but different husbands, it was a glorious wedding, our bridesmaid were also twins, in fact many people came to witness, especially twins, it was the talk of d day, many uninvited guests that were twins came.


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