Anti-Islam Movie: Muslims Take Protest Online as They Boycott Google

As the protests against the anti-Islam movie continues worldwide, the battle has been taken online. It started in Pakistan where Muslims brethren have decided to boycott Google.

Muslims in Nigeria too have now joined their Pakistani brethren, circulating messages encouraging other Muslims in the country to boycott the popular search engine. The messages are circulated through Facebook, Blackberry, etc. Also included in the message is a long list of other alternative search engines which can be used instead of Google.

According to them, the offence of Google is that “Google has refused to stop showing this fitna movie that made fun of our Prophet (sallallaah ‘alayhu wa sallam) even at the request of the White House under the excuse of freedom of speech!!!” They continued: “Know that if Muslims stop using Google search engine for one week they will lose millions of dollars!! So, Muslims and non Muslims please support us in this boycott!!”

Meanwhile, some experts have been wondering whether this move is a smart one, especially on the part of the Pakistanis who are believed to do a lot of business through Google – as a matter of fact, a lot of them are believed to make their living through online businesses which they market using Google tools.


  1. Look @ these foolish people just a mere movie there are killing people protesting every day, i even wish i could produce a similar video and sell it here in nigeria, to hell to ur stupid prophet muhamed , to hell with islam. …
    U muslims u guys sucks alot
    i hate d word islam with passion.
    To hell with all d muslim
    bunch of nuisance.

  2. @ Daken seriously you seem to be worst than the fellow muslims you are condemning.I am a Christian and in no way do I support the killing going on in the name of a movies but I still believe that there are still sensible and right thinking muslims.We need not generalise this issue.This is pure religion bigotry.

  3. Daken, by Allah in hell u shall rot. No muslim in history ever insulted Prophet Isa alaihissalam (Jesus) then why insult Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam? In my heart you are worse than the maker of that movie. I pray Allah punish u in this world and hereafter.

  4. When christians are civilized enough to create countries based on ‘universal’ christian laws, although, I doubt it will ever happen cuz nothing ‘universal’ about christianity. And muslims drop bombs on them and oppress them for decades then make a movie to mock Jesus, I wonder how christians will take it lightly then… Hypocrites.

  5. What i don’t understand is why anyone would be so comfortable with a religion that supports so much violence… I’ve seen lots of vids and cartoons saying all sorts of shit bout Jesus, But you don’t see us carrying guns and knives or protesting on the streets or anywhere else (infact i read on the news that they were offering $100000 to any1 that kills the maker of the vid)..
    This does not mean that we don’t respect Jesus.. We don’t protests because we know that Jesus is greater than a youtube video, greater than a cartoon on a newspaper… etc.. And fighting about it is just going to bring us down to their level….
    I will really like you muslims to sitdown and have a rethink… ( I’m open to correction, but this is my opinion)

  6. innalillahi wa inna ilaihir rajiun…dis gose 2 dose hu critisize Islam n awa belove prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam),,,b4 i proceed may Almighty Allah (swa) av mercy on u n may he 4give u,direct u 2 d ryt path b4 its 2 late…prophet muhammad is a messenger of Allah,d reason 4 d protest is cos no 1 has eva seen him eva since he died cos den dea wea no camera,even profet Isa (alaihi sallam )was nt seen.dey ar men of God n shuldn’t b insulted,we ar alive 2day cos of d prayer he prayd 2 Allah nt 2 distroy his ppl as he has don 2 d ppl of d previous profets…i beg u in Allah’s name dnt insult him again Islam is peace bt some evil ppl wants 2 terminates its image insha Allah dey shal not suceed

  7. This muslims here talking about peace should just shut deir mouths please. What kind of religion of peace declares Jihad on people cos there don’t ve d same believes. Please just shut up! U all are a bunch of retards who ve no minds of deir own, hence led astray by a few. When U begin 2 think 4r urselves, den U can talk. *Nonsense*

  8. @darken Ralh, I support u 100%. Dis babaric muslims are d most uncivillised and dellusioned creatures in the history of existence. Their idol worship of that dirty diety called allah is a practice that is biased against women, preaches nothing but war e.t.c we really don’t need such babaric practices in this modern age

  9. i am a christain nd do have muslim frnds,i dont condem any religion doh,bt my opinion on muslims killing people becos of muhamed is evil,for christ sake why will u people be fighting for ur God?any religion that accepts killing is evil.u muslims should sit nd have a rethink about life,we christains dont fight for our God cos we know dat God is greater than everytin in d world.a second is enuf 4 God to destroy all dose who dont worship him.muslims u all should please stop dis act of war.i pray dat christ will pour his spirit upon u all,for u all to know the trutht in jesus name amen.

  10. At d last person dt commented…u should ave not calld christians idiot,very innecesary,u talk about last laugh…….n d person dt commetd 1st 2 very unnecsary u r nt representin d body of christ well..anywae like sum1 said dey r sveral muvees of Jesus we dnt carry gun n take out violence…coz he fights our battle 4 us…lyf is a matter of chioce blieve in wht u wnt 2 believe bt make sure u choose wisely coz d grace of God is 4ever available

  11. Well, I was reading all the stuff here and analyzed that many things are misleading or not clear to you guys. Let me clear i am muslim and every thing I am writing with my muslim perspective. You don’t need to be agreed but my request is to think over it.

    First to all muslims: Guys hate speech with participants will not give them a true picture of Islam. Peoples from other religions have many misconceptions about Islam. They have learned islam which is teached them by media. Instead of getting into unnecessary conflict, I will recommend all of you to show them the true picture of Islam.

    To all other than muslims: Well friends I have a question for you. Did you listen any muslim insulting Jesus or any other religion. Because insulting other religions is prohibited in Islam.

    For Christians: In our holy book Quran, Jesus name is also mentioned as an honorable prophet. Did you ever think why Jesus name is mentioned in Quran as a prophet if (in your opinion) muslims are not a follower of a true prophet. Did Jesus ever told you that He is last prophet and Allah (God) will not send any prophet after him. Please think it’s a chain of Prophets which Allah (God) has send from Adam to Muhammad. Adam was first prophet and Muhammad was the last Prophet. For us (muslims) Jesus is also that much honorable that we can’t even think to say any insulting word about him. That’s the reason that in whole muslim world, in centries, you will not find any film or cartoon or any literature against him or insulting him. But you will find only honorable comments for Jesus. I would say that don’t produce any insulting comments for our prophets Jesus and Muhammad because both are messenger of Allah (God) and most honorable persons of all mankind.

    Rest of the things what is happening in muslim world is another story. Behavior of people not always represents Islam. Like criminals in Christian world don’t represent the christianity.