Beware of Celebrity Impersonators on Twitter

Impersonation is one of the major reasons why Twitter introduced verification as users have fallen victims of impersonators in the past. Even celebrities have had statements which could be damaging released via these fake twitter handles used in impersonating them.

As much as all celebrities would want to be verified to ensure fans know it’s really them, no one knows for sure what Twitter requires of any celebrity that wants verification.

A lot of Nigerian celebrities are now verified and fans can be sure who the man behind the handle is, but there are still a lot yet to be verified by twitter and impersonators have created similar handles which could be very confusing for fans that want to keep track of what their idols do. Comedian, AY; Olamide; and BankyW are some of the celebrities who had been recently impersonated.


Be careful what you wish for; especially when an handle that carries the name of a celebrity obliges when you ask to meet, or promises to get you a free ticket for any show that would require you to come pick it up somewhere. Awuf dey run belle o!



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