Bola Shagaya Allegedly Fingered In Patience Jonathan’s Hospitalization Mess… Barred From Aso Villa

There are very few powerful women in Nigeria today that can boast of their closeness to almost every first lady that has occupied Aso Rock- the nation’s seat of power. Ilorin based business woman and socialite, Hajiya Bola Shagaya enjoys that exclusive privilege. However, that privilege is about to be withdrawn or already withdrawn if feelers from the presidency is anything to go by.

Sources confirm that the wealthy woman is battling accusation of complicity in the trip that earned first lady, Dame Patience Jonathan admission in a German hospital. The accusers claimed Shagaya initiated the idea of the foreign trip. The idea behind the sojourn was reportedly for the first lady to ‘undergo treatments to enhance her look’.

Bola Shagaya And The First Lady, Patience Jonathan

Informants claim Shagaya had cashed in on Patience Jonathan’s yearning for ‘a better look’ to sell the plan. The first lady reportedly bought the idea- and tagged those that opposed the move ‘enemies of Shagaya seeking to paint her black’.

The first lady reportedly suffered an infection that necessitated comprehensive medical attention during preliminary tests to usher in the ‘beauty treatment proper’. This was in Dubai- where the original development was that they would do a bit of ‘shopping’ and relaxation.

Inability of the ‘health care personnel’ on ground to manage the ‘infection’ put paid to their plot- and ultimately forced the First Lady into the German hospital she is currently recuperating at.

Official sources had put out reasons of food poisoning and even outright lie of a vacation by presidential spokesperson- Mr Reuben Abatti to cover up ‘true story’.

However behind the scene of these attempted  public deceit- players in the corridors of powers are said to be at daggers drawn, looking for a scape goat to sacrifice for ‘the whole mess’ a source divulged. And they appear to be roping in on one –  Hajia Bola Shagaya.

Talks of her involvement in the ill fated beauty surgery that cost late first lady Stella Obasanjo her life has started making the rounds- along with coloration of other past misadventures.

In light of this development, President Jonathan is reported to have instructed Aso Rock’s CSO to withdraw Bola Shagaya’s pass into the villa and should only be allowed in with official clearance from his office.

Meanwhile, Sahara Reporters has revealed plans by President Jonathan to pay a closely guided trip to see his hospitalized wife in Wiesbaden, Germany. According to the New York based online news medium, Mr. Jonathan is taking off for official visits to Malawi and Botswana, but our source said the president will fly secretly into Germany from South Africa to visit his wife before returning to Abuja.



  1. i have no shoe,i have no bag,i eat once in a day,bla bla bla.Now dat u are given d mandate,u and ur stupid wife,keep on wasting Nigeria money on foreign trips,foreign treatment,God wil not forgive u.Masses are suffering,unemployement is a time bomb dat wil soon explode.criminals

  2. Nothing is hidden under the sun,as the igbos do say that “agbacha osoo a’guo mile.whether it is true or not i strongly believe that the truth must surely come out but shame to mr . pres if it is true.It is jst lik babas wif case which after everything the truth still came out in a very bad way.

  3. It is funny how people think, I’m not surprise dou things of beauty u can’t take away from women, if not wat is our first lady going to do face lift for? She should realise dat even if she is more ugly than she is now, she and that man dat had no shoes in his past were made for each other or is it that she had nothing else to do with do with the stolen money again? Na wao! If U give junks power u sure knw u getting the result of a monkey and that’s where this country is fallen to. Incapable fools! I just hope u not going to germany to buy bleaching creams too.

  4. I don’t blame people like sunnero ojo who open their dirty stinking mouths and vomit all sorts of rubbish in the name of freedom of speech or activism. If your wife or mother had the money to go for a beauty treatment wouldn’t she go ? For crying out loud this is somebody’s mother you people are insulting and I bet you if she stands in front of you guys none of you will open your rotten mouths to utter such nonsense.

  5. chief how much dem take bribe u?bayelsa firewood lyk u…if she wan die make she abi na she b d 1st abi she pass those in d grave? Mstchwwwww


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