Bride Price Calculator: What Should Be The Benchmark For Paying Of Bride Price? [Photos]

We all want to marry some day especially when we’ve found the ‘right’ one. I don’t know of anyone yet who doesn’t wish to – even LGBTs get married where it is permitted by law. But the snag is when you’ve finally found a woman that you want to spend the rest of your life with, and her parents or relatives bring out a list of ‘absurdities’ that you must adhere to, it just leaves you wondering if they’re selling a ‘commodity’ to you. The most annoying part is, it is customary- basically unavoidable.

Some Common Bride Price Items

I saw this particular list on Laila Ikeji’s blog and decided to share with you guys especially. Apparently, this is a true life event- it wasn’t made up. Read below and share your thoughts. Ladies, feel free to comment as well…

“Just last week, a friend of mine went to see his fiancé’s people and he was given a list that summed up to N2 million in Imo state.  These old men come up with ridiculous amounts like money is easy to come by.  And the N2 million does not include what they’ll spend on the actual wedding!! This issue needs to be deliberated on. Pls post it, let’s get other pple’s opinion.”

Now compare this with the one below and you will just want to forget about marrying that particular girl maybe except you love her so much and don’t want to lose her or you can afford it but…

Google Image


  1. Am not surprised about this oh. I strongly support this issue is debated in the public as strives by our prospective suitors in getting this yardstick met before they can have the hand of the woman they love in marriage, can get them doing what is not right. These people should know that such demands amount to financial impropriety and that this contributes to the height at which financial crimes amongst other vices are on the increase in our society.


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