Cossy Orjiakor Says “I Am A Born Again Christian, I Go To Church”

Cossy Orjiakor the Nollywood actress, dancer and singer who rose to prominence due to the size of her boobs has responded to recent negative comments about her in the media, here she says that she is a good christian, prays to God and attends church like any other christian.
She says “Prayer is a personal thing with God. I tell God what is on my mind. All have sinned and have come short of the glory of God. I go to church you know; I am a born again Anglican.” She said.

Cossy also responded to the fact that a lot of misconceptions about her where flying around even amongst her colleagues.

She says “I have bad press publicity about the kind of clothes I wear and all that. There was a time I attended this old school party and I dressed the old school way. The press then wrote that this is how Cossy is, she is looking ugly, and maybe she was on cocaine and all that. How could I go to an old school party looking new school? That day, I even had nice Brazillian weave-on on and I had to weave it any how so that I will look old school. I think they just like talking about me.”


  1. Joey pls reason wit ur nrml senses b4 tlkin, as 4 u madam cossy,t doesn’t rily mata abt wt u sy bt abt wt u do more n wt’s dt if I may ask,of cus nt else dan dressin half naked 2 gt d attention.well sha na ur life bt rememba hell s real o n pls no1 shld make any contradictin statements 2wards me cus I kno som of will begin 2 post rubbish abt pple bin prtndas n accusin ordas,well if dts d kind of tout u av in mind den shame on u,

  2. joey Shame shame shame on you 4 making such a statement, is she d only female celebrity or is she d only one with large female property,u don’t even d kind of shame $ reaproach ur dirtylife has brought upon your self $ family cossy what r u taeachin ur younger once or those who r looking up to u,d bible says what ever a man sows dat will he reap,what u r just doing is leading pple to hell, remenber very soon dat ur body u r proud of will soon fade away, ur beauty will fade away, u better change u ways now b/4 its too late.

  3. In this last days many will be possess by evil spirits of various forms by acting unbecomingly,using different means to be seductive and to seduce others into a system of error.A lot of people become the fames of this famous people that get glory from the world.Let me say this,as many that get any form of credit/fame from the world has no portion with God.God desire that all men be save and come to the full knowledge of the truth,but those that take stand with satan to rebel against God whether knowingly(intentionally) or unknowingly(ignorantly) shall have their portion with satan and be judge along side with him.The system of error that is in the world has made man to reject the genuine gospel of Christ that they might be save,what is now going on is deception.You can claim anything,that you are born again but God knows our hearts individually and by the kind of fruit we bear we shall be known.I cant judge you young lady,all judgment has been given to Christ.Repent genuinely and you shall have part with God and not be destroy with satan.

  4. D bible says u should remove d log in ur own eyes b4 u remove d spike in another persons eyes.those of u judging cossy.we no about what cossy does what about u guys judging her what do u do in one made u a judge over her.judge not so u won’t be judged.

  5. Let him who does unrighteousness do unrighteousness still;and let him who is filthy be filthy still;and let him who is righteous do righteousness still;and let him who is holy be holy still.Behold,I come quickly,and My reward is with Me to render to each one as his work is(Rev.22:11-12).Every little speaking of rebuke people class it as judging.That is the kind of world we are living now where people like darkness more than light.There are spirits of deception everywhere in the world.

  6. Thank God that u cossy is judgeing urself and pls praying 100times or going to church does not make u a born agains at all pls u body which u expose is suppose to be a temple of God and pls respect it and pls stop using it to put others into temptation for u ll give account to those soul u mislead at last day.

  7. Cossy, u said u re a born again christian n u dressd lik this? U must b kiddin us,Wot message re u passin across… This doesn‘t look lik d fruit of d recreated spirit, it looks a hore… N it doesn‘t befit u, u cn dress modest n still look sexzy to whom deserv u.

  8. Menopause is very close and looking at ur face deeply, i see an old mama face. Cosy,Who will take care of you at old age? who will u call ur own? who will take over all these property u got thru body exposures? Despite the body exposures, have u any man u can call ur own? The product of true beauty is a husband by a woman’s side. No time again. Prostitute dey cry for pikin at old age, na so igbo talk am