Cruel: How Lagos Robbers Now Cut Victims’ Wrists

While the Lagos State Police Command is busy trying to rid the state of criminals, especially armed robbers, it has been discovered that the armed robbers have devised a heartless way of forcing their victims into submission and in a manner that hardly raises suspicion.

It has been claimed that instead of guns, they now use short cutlasses, the type popularly called “UTC”. When these criminals attack their victims, they usually go for the wrists; they are particularly known to operate mostly in Ajeromi/Ifelodun Local Government Area.

According to the Sun Newspaper, one of their favourite areas of operations is around Tolu area of the council and the most notorious axis is Kumuyi Street and its environs; this is because of a very busy road known as Amodu Tijani, through which people link up Apapa with commercial boats.

The criminals are said to always lurk in dark corners from where they suddenly pounce on their victims before they dispossess them of their valuables. According to sources, if they are not satisfied with the victim’s possession, they give him/her a deep cut on the wrist, perhaps, as warning that he/she should work harder.

In the words of one of the sources, “Those boys are really terrorizing us in this area and it seems the police are helpless. They have guns, but these days they use cutlasses and they always like to cut their victims’ hands.”

Meanwhile, police source at Tolu Police Division confirmed that the area is a notorious place and some teams from the station have been going there constantly to dislodge the criminals.