Do You Read The “Terms and Conditions” OF Your Services? Why You Should!

This is Nigeria where we are always in a hurry. We do everything huriedly; we rush drinks, dance fast (reason why slow music don’t sell well), drive too fast; we are always impatient. The reason for our impatience is unclear, but we obviously are too eager to see the end of things. How many times have you read a list of terms and condition before appending your signature on documents? Have you ever read through those terms and condition before clicking on the tick box before ‘I agree’? The truth is we rarely do.

Terms and conditions signify a contractual agreement that ensure subscribers to a particular service remain within the purview of the service provided. It gives the provider of a particular service power to withdraw such service when you break any of those agreements. As it seems, not all items of the contract would be acceptable or convenient for us, but how would you know when you don’t read through?

Subscribers to mobile networks have lost airtime while trying to enter for promos simply because they don’t understand the conditions involved. I hope you notice what they say after those adverts encouraging you to send some phrases or numbers to a particular number; Terms and Conditions Apply. I almost lost close to $100 in an online account with a single click, just because I didn’t know the conditions that applied. So, before you agree to any terms and conditions, would you please read through those terms?


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