Eedris Abdulkareem Drops New Single To Keep Obasanjo On His Toes

Self-acclaimed rap pioneer in Nigeria, Eedris Abdulkareem has dropped his new single. This single apparently was inspired by his renewed exchange of words with former president, Olusegun Obasanjo.

The new single is titled ‘Baba’. In the single, the LaKreem/Kennis artiste relays his opinion on the current state of the country and more. The feud between the artist and the former president started when the artist released his song, Jaga Jaga while Obasanjo was president. Remember the lyrics, “Nigeria jaga jaga, everything scatter scatter, poor man dey suffer suffer…” The song hit the president hard and he responded in an unfriendly manner. The recent response by US president Barack Obama to Nicki Minaj’s rap criticizing his government however has brought up this question; why can’t Nigerian leaders handle matters in like manner? Nigerians earnestly await what the former president’s response would be to Eedris’ new song.


  1. Idrees, pele pele_ remember, you are talking to an ELDER! and above all what motivated Obasanjo to respond to your “JAGA JAGA” song then was the fact that he was at the helm of Nigeria affair. So, boy, don’t be pushed to self destruction, respect ELDERS.

  2. Eedris has always been apround and untalented rap artist but sadly, he just can’t come to terms with that fact. Back in the days, all he did was insult the likes of plantashun boys and now he can’t even afford 2face’s shoes. Pls he should get over himself, swallow his pride and learn from the masters before polluting the media and music industry with his crap he prides as lyrics.


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