Face Off: Between Nigerian And Ghanian Actresses, Who Is Hotter? [Photos]

I was tempted to make this comparison following this statement I saw from a Nigerian website that seemed to suggest Ghanian actresses are hotter than Nigeria’s. Here’s what the author wrote below:

“When you compare Nigerian actresses with Ghanaian actresses, you will see that the Ghanaian Actresses Jackie Appiah, Nadia Buari and Yvonne Nelson are hotter than Nigeria’s Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, Rita Dominic, Mercy Johnson, Ini Edo and Tonto Dike on and off screen.”

I don’t mean to be disrespectful to the Ghanian beauties who are as talented as their Nigerian counterparts but saying they are hotter than Nigeria’s screen goddesses is just gross. That’s my opinion.

What’s yours – Are Ghanian actresses really hotter than Nigerian actresses? Meanwhile, the photos below are kinda skewed in favor of the Nigerian divas but notwithstanding, you recognize most of these faces and you know who’s hotter. All vote now!



  1. Y’all r blind sayin ghanian actresses r hotter coz apart 4rm yvonne nelson d rest of dem r just plane shapeless wif dier fatty body n flat behind non can b compared to ini edo talkless of mercy johnson

  2. Its just dat a lot of ghanaian actresses are half cast, doesn’t mean that they are more beautiful. Compare the ghanaian full blacks and the Nigerians, they are totally incomparable. Then imagine the Nigerians halfcasts ???

  3. This is no arguement at all, Letz compare the Full Ghanian Actresses to Nigerian Actresses n u wl find out that Nigerians are way hotter…In beauty wise we r d best, in talent wise we r Awesome….So pls this is no arguement @ all…Kudos to all the Nigerian actresses…Luv ya all……

  4. nigerian actresses are 10 ways hotter than ghanian actesses. check out mercy johnson who can act any role assigned to her. they are really kul. Mercy johnson Okojie is my role model

  5. it depend on what u mean by hotter. in terms of natural beauty those ghanians in that pic are more beautiful than their nig counterparts. bt when it comes to acting nig are their idol

  6. Dere is really no need to agure nigerian actress r more hotter.apect from Yvonne Nelson who is hot I don’t tink if dere is among d ghanian actress who is hotter dan nigerian actress only omotola n ini edo beats dem all.dey r good in acting n has more swag dan d ghanians.

  7. Good afternoon gentlemen and ladies, who can say that ghanaian is hotter than nigerians, when u move around rhetorically world like us, u will see that nobody knows the name of any ghanaian actress, everybody even the whites mention name nigerians actress. Most of the people saying that ghanaian actress is hotter more than Nigerians are ghanaian b/c u can not know who is who Nigeria. Most of GhanaIan are now Nigerias, any nigeriaman that can said bad about nigerian actress is not a traveler. I really proud them b/c the made us we have respect outside the country. If genenver is not yet married, pls, tell her to contact me. I want to marry one of them. I love Nigeria actress bt why igboman is not interested in them is the can not respect there husband. What tonto dike is talking for her. Igboman likes to have a respect bt Beninman cares nt bt is it normal like that. A woman is like a new car. Woman most obey a man in all ways. Tonto dike, igboman don’t need you and you have become abandone property. Benin state is good for to go bt live Genenver and Rita Dominic alone, you are not there God. Glory be to God.

  8. Ȋ̝̊̅t̶̲̅ ȋ̝̊̅§ obvious that niaja actresses я hotter than ghanian actresses…….there ȋ̝̊̅§ nothing to argue about that

  9. Why d arguement 9ja actress re beautiful intelligient talented, just leave others out nd compare only genevieve with others ghannians actress she brush dem all not talk ini mercy nd de rest. Pls 9ja babes 4 life.

  10. It obvious the writer of that article is a ghanian,I don’t think this kinda comparism should take place.Considering the fact that there isn’t just α̍̍̊ gap but “a very wide gap” at that.Nigerian actressess are obviously hotter and better @ acting.Fashion-wise I’ll give it to naija actresses also,cos I’ve not seen what nadia nd jackie wear that befits a celebrity(with an exception of yvonne though)the only thing I’ll give the likes of nadia nd jackie is facial beauty nd notin else.When it comes to Class…naija celeb,Acting…naija celeb…Fashion sense…naija celeb…Badt shape…Naija celeb.So, please no more argument.

  11. Hmmmmmmmmm. Am a nigerian but I think ghanian actress or celebreties tek good care of their body as in keeping in shape than most of our celebreties but when it comes to acting, niger bebs r d best.

  12. Hmmmmmmmmm. Am a nigerian but I think ghanian actressess or celebreties tek good care of their body as in keeping in shape than most of our celebreties but when it comes to acting, niger bebs r d best.

  13. Twale to the Nigerian ladies. Beautiful, Swaggalicious, Bootilicious and everything. We thought you Ganians how to make movies with those ugly ladies. Chai Una no fear again<<

  14. Lol I’m sorry to burst ya’ll bubble but the Ghanaians are hotter even with the old pics they’re 11/10 . Face &body and they don’t put on so much make up like the Nigerian ones.

  15. D pics here are not complete. I think d writer intentionally did ds. My friend go get Klin nd ndividual pics of our babes! U got 6 of d Ghanians and for of ours. Add two other well kwn artists and lets see

  16. naija babes are way hotter. 2 tell d truth only yvonne nelson nd yvonne okoro dat is even nigerian that stand out. Talk of nadia, that girl is not too fyn its just her colour that coverd it up. Luk at er pictures nd u will see. Juliet has go a fyn face but bad shape. She iz nt hot. Jackie is so not hot to tell d truth, she is ‘cold'(just playin on words). Ghanaian actresses want to sound more american than act well.

  17. Everybody know say Ghanaians are not very fine people. Naija for life joor!!! Ghanaians like crossbreeding to dilute their over black complexion. Even when u compare the naija mixed to them , they no reach our bathroom slippers still.


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