Facebook Breaks Two-year Old Relationship

Love they say is the most beautiful thing in the world, and the best thing that can happen to anyone. No one thinks about what heartbreaks that usually result from love causes. They say heartbreaks can’t kill, but I believe heartaches can. Social media has fostered relationships greatly, but it has also broken up a lot.

Tunde(real name withheld) graduated from University of Ilorin in 2011. While in school, he was dating a fellow student and their relationship was the envy of friends. According to Tunde, she was everything to him, at least until she cheated on him after he had graduated while she still had a year left in her study. He sadly relates the story of how a girl he claimed would have donated a kidney to if she needed one cheated on him.

“Sometimes it’s better to live in a lie than to know the true state of things. Reality can be damning. I was lying on the rug, browsing through my blackberry when suddenly I got tired of using the facebook application. I decided to check out my facebook account on the site itself. Surprisingly, I noticed my girl-friend’s activities barely an hour ago on facebook. I was mad because she had the time for that but she didn’t have the time to call me despite seeing a text I sent earlier. I decided to check her facebook account since I had the password. I don’t stalk her, but checking her facebook updates for her used to be my duty. She wouldn’t check.

Minutes later, I was shivering, my throat went dry, and the sleep gradually brewing up in my eyes cleared off. Don’t ask me what I saw. But, of course you know. I could have vouched for her any day, I could have spared a kidney if she needed one, I could have given my all. Unfortunately, she’s just like the others.

Just so you’d know, I saw a chat history that confirmed my suspicions of her infidelity. I confronted her and she flared up, but didn’t deny. In fact, she said it was over. We were together two years and she never cheated until then; well, so I thought. I will never fall in love again! Quote me.”

Social media again, uh? I guess we just need to take charge of our relationships and stop allowing social media affect our relationships. For Tunde though, social media helped him to catch a cheating girlfriend, but we have heard stories in the past of how social media led to a girl’s death. Be wise.