Hajj Commission Now Claims The Female Pilgrims Were Not Deported

The National Hajj Commission (NAHCON) has debunked the ongoing rumour that female Nigerian Muslim pilgrims were airlifted back to Nigeria last week by the Saudi Arabian authorities.

The Commission had disclosed that the return of the Pilgrims was as directed by the government of Nigerian that wanted them to return in order to ensure that some unsettled issues are resolved back in Nigeria.

The commission had further declared that no particular crime had been committed by the Nigerian women for the Saudi government to get them deported, stating further that the government of Nigeria knows best why its Pilgrims returned home.

The Chairman of NAHCON, Mallam Mohammed Musa Bello had disclosed this in Abuja yesterday, while affirming that the religious rule of a male companion for female pilgrims to Hajj was very important to Islam, and Nigeria, as a country couldn’t have discarded such law.

He also stated that the Saudi government did not deny the Federal government’s delegation to Saudi Arabia visa as reported. He noted that what transpired was because of time difference, as it is the case between Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.

He had disclosed that the airlifting operation to Saudi Arabia would commence again, after the issues raised by both countries are resolved.

He had assured that the airlifting would commence before October 20.


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