Hide And Seek: Chris Brown Flaunts New Tattoo On Same Part Of Body Rihanna Recently Inked Hers

Whatever it is that is going on between Chris Brown and former girlfriend Rihanna, seems to be taking a new dimension almost on a daily basis. They seem to be caught up in a competition to out-do each other on the number of new tattoos inked on their bodies.

Two days after Rihanna revealed the ‘wings’ tattoo on her chest in honor of her late grandmother, Dolly, Chris Brown has now revealed his new tattoo of a fighter jet — in the same spot on his chest. (Get it? “fighter” jet).

Same Body Spot? Rihanna’s Tatts To The Right In Memory Of Her Deceased Grandam Just Below Her Breast & CB’s Latest Tatt On His Chest

Brown’s neck tattoo of a battered woman — who looked strikingly and eeringly similar to a battered Rihanna — made headlines earlier this week. Brown’s camp denies the tattoo is Rihanna. But they can’t deny the weird coincidence of the placement of Brown’s latest tattoo. Or will they pull this one off too?

If they are still helplessly in love with each other, at least Ri-Ri has admitted that much, they should just go ahead and profess that love and stop playing hide and seek like babies joor.


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