Holla! J Martins Celebrates Birthday Today, Drops Single As Gift To Fans

Holla, Holla, Holla… remember the first lines of that song, Good time, where he featured Cabo Snoop?

Justice Martins, popularly known as J-Martins is one of the few Nigerian artists who have succeeded in carving a niche for themselves in the ever-growing Nigerian music scene. He will not only have fans celebrating his birthday with him today, but also the release of his new single,”Kpomo”.

He has organized a place in GRA, Lagos where fans can celebrate his double joy with him. The producer said he decided to give his fans a birthday surprise, as well as use the opportunity to thank God for His mercies over the last seven years he has been in the music industry.

“spending seven years as a performing artiste is something that is worth celebrating. It is not when I have spent between ten and fifteen years that I will roll out the drums to celebrate my achievements. Seven years is a number of perfection and I thought that since my birthday is around the corner, it is ideal for me to release my new single to mark my birthday.”

“Also, I decided to release my new single as a way of appreciating my fans who have stayed with me all these years.”

He took time to educate fans on the title of his new song and the reason behind the choice.
“You may want to ask why the title Kpomo? If you have been following my music right from when I released my first album, you would notice that in all my songs, I tried to use words that deal with ‘real life’ issues such as ‘which kind life be this’ , ‘Juba Juba’, ‘Oyoyo’, a song I drew the inspiration from legendary Majek Fashek, “Eva’and others.”

“The reason I chose the word ‘Kpomo’ is because it’s not only catchy, but also, it reflects the lyrics of what I have been doing over the years. The musician said the single was conceived in the US while he was on tour.

J-Martins went international after featuring Fally Ipupa in his hit single, ‘Jupa’ remix. He went further to feature a singer from Angola, Cabo Snoop in one of his songs, Goo which still holds a special place in the heart of his fans.