How A Married Man I Met On BB Almost Killed Me With Drugged Drinks

The lessons learned from the mishap that happened to Cynthia Osokogu cannot be overemphasized, as many are now aware of the disadvantages of the social media especially in leading people to the hands of hoodlums. This is yet another story froma lady that simply wants us to learn. It is a near-death experience a young lady had with a man who was her BBM friend:
I am a girl who has fears, beliefs, reservations and just your regular typical Nigerian girl. This past few weeks has been one hell of a game for me. I have really been unsettled and I thought I share this story with you.

When Cynthia (the lady killed in the hotel room in Festac, Lagos) surfaced on the internet and various news media, I was scared and it brought back a whole lot of memories to me and also served as and eye opener. Many people castigated and criticised Cynthia (may her gentle soul rest in peace), but my point is, it could have been anybody, anybody at all.

We have met people through various social media. Some have ended up well, some have not but with painful memories. To cut the long story short, let me kindly share with you my encounter with social media especially the very popular Blackberry Messenger (BBM).

I am a graduate and currently serving in Kaduna. I could have runced it, but I needed somewhere to clear my head and forget about my ugly encounter. Here is my story. 

I happened to have a married man as a contact on my BBM. He had been asking me out for over six months and I refused to date him. As time went on, he invited me clubbing with him when his wife was outside the country, and I went with him all night. We spent most of the night at Swe bar, Lagos.

I also met his clique of friends, married as well with their various mistresses. We had ‘mad’ fun. After all the clubbing and drinking, he lodged me in a hotel somewhere in Obalende. I felt sort of safe with him. We did not have sex, but he made sweet love to me and touched me in places I had never ever imagined.

He kissed me passionately but guess what? He did not have sex with me. We did all sorts but there was no penetration. So, to an extent, I trusted he was a good person to be around with. I did not know that it was all part of the plan.

He gave me N10,000 and put me in a cab to go home the next morning. We kept talking and chatting and sending naked pictures to each other and he told me naughty things of how he wanted to whisper things in my ear, I blushed. We didn’t see for two weeks and that was because his wife just came back from Turkey.

One faithful evening, he pinged me that he was organising a beach party/boat cruise and that he would love for me to be his date and that he wanted to open a BBM chat, as a medium for his friends and my friends to interact. I was excited about it, I just wanted to have fun. I was able to get five of my very hot friends.

The BBM group opened and we got chatting. I also realise that majority of them were married and working in reputable firms. It was fun and we didn’t mind if they were married, we just wanted to have fun, as well as some other girls apart from my friends in the group.

We chatted exclusively, sent pictures to the BBM group to introduce ourselves, and we had opened group conversations pending the beach party. And as excited as we were, we went shopping for nice sexy beach wears. 

The D-day finally came, we all assembled at the Lagos Island Boat Club. I was wowed because it was a high class party. We were cruising in a boat loaded with goodies drinks and hot babes, and as well ‘MARRIED MEN’. I did not care, I just said in my mind that I would not roll with married men anymore after this, that for now, all I wanted to do was to catch some fun. After all, I wasn’t paying bills.

We got there, it was a private beach resort. Most of the beach facilities I got to see there were owned by multinational companies. We got out of the boat, and went to where we were partying. It was a duplex made with wood. It was a very nice setting. 

I felt comfortable because it even had a fence around it separating it from other beach houses around. So, there was privacy and of course bouncers (heavy looking guys) guarding the place. I said to myself, this must be heaven, I must be dreaming. 

Anyways, we felt free with each other because we had been chatting. It was 5:30pm and the party just started. We had drinks flowing from the private bar tender which happens to be owned by one of the men in the group. Reality struck when I realised that I was feeling dizzy and feeling really funny and light headed. Not only me, but other girls around me too noticed there was something strange about it. 

I was also feeling HORNY as hell! I had been drugged. They monitored us and when they knew the drug had really gone deep into our system, they moved us up into the main beach house. I could still see faces, but was too weak and horny to react. 

Mr B, the man who took me clubbing, carried me in his hands like a sacrifice and put me down on the floor just as other men also did with their girls. We were eight in numbers; 8 girls, 8 guys, and they all stripped us down and had sex with us.

I enjoyed it a bit because I was horny. It was a mixed feeling because I cried, I moaned, but I did not know how many times he came into me. He pounded me hard. I was dizzy, but he grabbed me with force. All I could notice was the wedding ring on his finger. I thought of how wicked and miserable some married can be. How inhuman and heartless they could be. 

All of them took turns in switching partners and slept with all of us. I passed out. That was the last thing I could remember. I felt water poured on me. I noticed all the other girls around me too were half naked and some stark naked.

We spent the night at the beach, but the men were no where to be found. I looked round me and all I could see was packs of used condoms. I ran to pick my cloths and possibly raise an alarm. I got dressed, found my phone with an envelope. It contained N16,000 and a note asking us to take N2000 each for transport. Tears of anger and rage filled my eyes and the girls around me as well.

“We were drugged and used like tissue paper. I grabbed my phone and noticed a ping came in. I checked my phone and I noticed the BBM group had been deleted, and a message via BBM from MR B came in. He threatened me that if I say a word to anyone, I would regret it. 

I told him he was a bastard, and he said try it. A picture came in, several pictures. In fact, they were pictures of us being naked on the floor. Pictures of the humiliating us but they blurred the faces of the men. In total, I got 20 pictures. I was not myself for a month. 

I went back to school, I had no one to talk to. The rest of the semester was hell for me. My CGPA dropped drastically. It was the worst out of the worst result I ever had. 

Till today, my friends and I have not discussed this with anyone, but all I could do when I heard of Cynthia’s story was to narrate my own ordeal anonymously and spread the news, the word, and pray they (ladies who do runs) see it and changed their ways.

I am now born again. I have given my life to Christ. I fear men so much that I cannot even move close to them. I still have nightmares, but with time, God will strengthen me and I will move on. My advice to single ladies out there is, do not be desperate for fun. Pray to God to open your eyes of understanding, and pray hard. He who kneels before God will stand before kings and queens. 

To all married women, pray hard to God to intervene in your marriages and turn your husbands from bad habits and bad friends. As for me, I do not think I ever want to get married or date a man again. That chapter has been closed for good in my life. 

Please, do not ignore my mail. Please post it. There are a lot of things we ladies need to learn. Please post it on your blog and save a soul. It could be your friend, sister, cousin, neighbour. 

God bless you as you pass it on. To all readers, I do not care if you insult me or rain abuses at me. My job is to share this encounter with you and save you from any mishap. God bless you all. Amen.


  1. We are no fools! U actually fabricated this story,the identity of the narrator is contradictory. When you started,you said the narrator is a serving corper and towards the end,you said her cgpa for that semester became low out of divergence of mental concentration. How could that be possible,a serving corper with a cgpa,l have never heard of that o. Big SCAM

  2. Some ladie hav serious problem, wen they cee good guy comin thr way, they will ignore them, they want 2 go 4 big boyz who ar ready 2 use n dump dem like a tissue paper. Sm will even go as far as goin out with married men, ppl who dos’nt hav thr intrest @ heart, like d story of the lady here. Even wit wht dis lady posted here, alot of oda young girls will still fall victim of acts like dis. I dont knw who they take men 4, they think a man can just spend money lavishly on them witout gettin smtin in return? Ko possible. Men ar vry wise, ‘nobody go do buisness wey no go komot profit in 1way or d oda’ wht goes around comes around

  3. you are just a fool and you are only angry that they dumped you with just 2000 for transport, i guess if they had given you 100,000 you will not have told us this useless story! after all you wrote that you enjoyed the sex and spending!!! girls all have small brains governed by their lust for material things, you are even lucky that the men didnt kill you or use you for rituals, at least they even gave you transport money. did you think anytin in this life is for free?? you have eaten their money so you deserve wat you got! if its me i wud even rape you till you bleed and then dump you in the lagoon! i dont understand how you girls think or CANT YOU JUST SAY NO!!!!! Appologies to Cynthia(RIP) but how you can go and meet a man you dont even know is suprising, serves you right…..i hope your born again is for good sha bcos i suspect wen the next married man comes along wit a better money offer you will jump in!

  4. Who do u think u are fooling. You are not even good in fabrication of stories. At 1st the lady was a corper servin in kaduna Now a student with falling GP. Describing a beach not even in Nigeria but that of Bahamas now in lagos. BULLSHIT

  5. its a good false storry that have lots of lesson for flexing guys and party freeks. Next time you write alway take cognsance of intelectual gagas like me and better show respect and humility by simply telling us its a fictious or falacious good story.Bj

  6. BIG FOOL. She knew exactly what she was doing.She got N10,000.00 before and went for more.When the episode turned sour, she decided to cry wolf on the social media.Believe me if those men had given them money to the tune of hundred of thousands, nobody would have heard this story.I can bet she was not drugged as she claims, rather her grouse is that they were given peanuts at the end of it all….If any of her pictures from that show-of-shame leaks to the social media, I will also help in spreading it faster than her legs.

  7. its a good false storry that have lots of lesson for flexing guys and party freeks. Next time you write alway take cognsance of intelectual gagas like me and better show respect and humility by simply telling us its a fictious or falacious good story.because the principal character here have two personality identity.BJ

  8. @Tope and Abdussamad. Try and read it gently u will understand. She said Cynthia Osukogu’s story made her to write hers. Dat means it happened a long time ago.

  9. Ohhh! Our education level is so poor that a lot of readers don’t understand simple narrative english, how much more a novel. It happened when she was still a student. Anyway, most girls sence danger and still run to it. Maybe we should start teaching them how to think logically as men

  10. He who makes experience his best teacher will die learning. Lets learn from others mistakes. Moreso,girls should take caution on how they are dealing with sex hungry wolves especially those they are not much familliar with.

  11. Ididot…you for no repent….u and other runs girl who like womens husbands need lessons like this…whore!why be with a married man in the first place…..Chei…so u were given 2thousand after 8 men humped you…lol

  12. Now u want me believe he force u with all what he did since u said u enjoy all h haba all of what u did guys and girls was force , really I can’t u ferstand where is ur problem

  13. Guys ! are we for real!! forget whether the story is fabricated or not and get the lessons. Thank God for safety and good sense and dont feel cos u are wise in one area that you are all round wisdom itself.

  14. thank God u are alive today because so many did not survive it at all may the almighty God that give u the second chance have mercy on u. sorry

  15. It was a fabricated story cos there was no consistency in it. WHY? Bcos it started by saying she is a serving corper only @ d tail end to say her cgpa dropped. D point is some LADIES dont learn even as they hear most of ds pathetic stories. U dont no a man 4rm Adam & he is inviting u to his place, some even travel several kilometers n u pick ur bags n follow like a sheep led 4 slaughter. D gospel truth is dat some ladies need to learn d hard way so dat they will come back to there senses. U are uniquely n specially created infact GOD took his time creating u but 4 wat ever reason u stoope so low to degenerated level b4 coming back to ur creator. IF U HAVE TO LEARN D HARD WAY. GOD PLS LET THEM SO DAT ATLEAST THEY CAN COME HOME AFTERWARDS.

  16. True or false,real or con,ur xter is funny. The situation serves u as well as other stupid and arrogant girls out there right. Since u wouldn’t want to date honest simple and lowly guys,may d devil devour u’all

  17. How I wish this your repentance is genuine. But I guess the entire story is a big see the foolish thinking of people..’men are wicked’? You sleeping with another man’s wife and having sex orgies him is not wicked right? You are lucky they used condoms..they should have infected you all with HIV…bastard prostitute you are and your friends..the men took advantage of your greed and covetousness. there is no moral in your story

  18. D story is bluntly clear. I think is a true life story right from d way she was been lured. Same happens 2 about 95% ladies out there, they’ll never settle wt guys of their bt men dt are living a luxerious life. My only hope is dt all ladies could c, learn & extract a kind of good life style from this story, probably cross their heart against such a lifestyle.

  19. Inconsistent story…..”i don’t know how mnay times he came into me” …” later u saw used condoms”……”next thing i noticed water was poured on me” … who? I guess spirits. Well i won’t say it serves you right, all i know is karma is a bitch. U reap wat u sow. U had fun, now why re u complaining. I don’t even understand your “men re wicked” did d man force you to come, NO, so i guess u should hide your face in shame. As for other girls, carry on , as an IGBO adage says “Ogodo ga eru nwanyi ebe oruru Ibe ya”…….

  20. Smart, intelligent and courageous young married men they are. These men enacted a wonderfull script. Guess who wrote the script? The ladies!!! I think the characters in this film are already acting the part 2… Ladies, they will never learn. They love and crave for goodies that they nerve worked for…

  21. I believe ur story is fake,vry fake esp d part of water been pourd on u,well it serves u ryt u lucky ure alive no be money u nd oda girls dey after?go ahead nd chop d money na no be fun u wan catch?evn thou its wit a married man nd u knew he ws married bt 4 ur mind u catch maga gud 4 u nd oda girls lik u nd dont evn compare ur foolish self to cynthia cos she ws nt an aristo lik u,ure only angry bcos u didnt get as mch money as u wantd!

  22. She said it happened when she was at school but now serving,again she heard of cynthia incident that’s why she try to let ladies learn from her.It happens I believe her.

  23. So funny,how i wished that ladies wil learn from this kind of mess up.But on a more serious note ladies ar jst lik irrational animal(goat or eewu).

  24. Why must people always learn in a hard way. Somehow, you must have heard the gospel before the incident but you chose to ignore it because you wanted to enjoy. Now after this ‘experience’ you are now saved. Humans, please learn from this. Let Christ into your life, and you will avoid many evils

  25. Mehn!!!……i love dos guy…u said d guy ve bin askin u out 4 six mnths nw….nd i guex u ve bin turnin him down….blush…..dat was probably wen moni was nt involved… nw (EGO) has shwed u jumped into….nd u tot guys r out 2 waste deir moni….fool lyk oda gurls stl obsesed……shaa na God save u…by nw u 4 d do registratn 4 hell……..wish my ex……wu lyk material tins wil ventured into dis story……

  26. IDIOT Look at u and ur sweet story, anyway, u are a lucky gurl in the sense that you had a sweet sex and also had cash of 2k each, men, this gurls is the most luckiest gurls ever, do u know how many of u out there that has been seeking for means to have such opportunity having sex in such environ? wao. BASTARD MOTHER FUCKER.

  27. Okay, so now U̶̲̥̅̊ wanna complain dat men r Wicked cuz U̶̲̥̅̊ got jus 2k?? When U̶̲̥̅̊ chose 2 go clubbin wit a̶̲̥̅̊ married man who’s wife travelled, dat is not wickedness abi??, when U̶̲̥̅̊ were in bed wit a̶̲̥̅̊ married man, kissing n Smoochin, dat is nt wickedness abi??? When U̶̲̥̅̊ got 10k U̶̲̥̅̊ neva saw men as wicked, when U̶̲̥̅̊ were exchanging naked pics wit a̶̲̥̅̊ married man, U̶̲̥̅̊ neva saw men as wicked (and U̶̲̥̅̊ didn’t see urself as wicked either), when U̶̲̥̅̊ were booking d party, going 4 shopping, ur conscience neva pricked U̶̲̥̅̊ , its now that they gave U̶̲̥̅̊ 2k U̶̲̥̅̊ realize men dnt hav conscience??? Tink bout all dese n tell M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ who is really wicked.
    Jus STFU stupid hoe n receive an ovadose of Jesus.

  28. I have heard too much of stories like this. The fact is that no matter how much this stories are being told, women will never learn…maybe until it happens to them. We live in a materilistic generation and its only the intervention of God that can stop things like this from happening again!!!

  29. everyone is sayin fabrication, wat if its true? afterall, things like dis do happen. for all of u who may misunderstand the servin and schoolin tin, it is very possible to serve and skul at the same time. where I was servin in ondo state I have a friend who was serving, and decided to continue his schoolin in the university dere for a bachelor’s degree since he had an HND. he was serving and goin to school. so its very possible to do both. this is an eye opener for ladies who are too materialistic, all dat glitters are not gold, and to those men, dey are nofin but drenched dogs..

  30. Some people like Tope and co don’t read and understand. As of when she was narrating this story she was a serving corps member and as of when the incident took place she was still in the university. What’s so difficult to understand here?

  31. Whether the story from this lady is real or not, a point has been raised! Ladies should be mindful of who they meet on social media. Yes meeting someone on social media could be fun and alot of my colleagues got their wives through social media and they are happily married today. One just left for the US last month with his wife he met on social network. However the good side of social media, there are more evil intentions from some others. You need to really know and have details about the person and through chatting you could get to know his or her true personality before you get involved. Yes, because it worked for A does not mean that it will work for B. Dont get carried away especially ladies because they could be desperate for marriage. What baffles me in the story is the single girl going out with a married man, what an abomination! Well the Almighty God will receive into His fold as you claim to have accepted Christ. He has given you another opportunity to live again, some others died in to process. So dont blow this opportunity. I wish you the best in Christ.

  32. Read thru d comments, & Ʊ will realise Ђ☺ poor Nigerians A̶̲̥̅̊я̲ε̲̣̣̣̥ in English naration. N̶̲̥̅̊Ơ̴̴͡ wonder we Ơ̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ & hear of a lot of failures in English. I̶̲̥̅̊ pity Nigerians. As for those that think its a fabricated story, when it happens †̥☀̤̣̈̇ someone close †̥☀̤̣̈̇ Ʊ. Ʊ will believe its thru

  33. D’nt blame men for unwise decisions u made. U folowed a married man to a beach house somwhere u dnt knw, wat were u tinking of ? U were wit ur uncle?, u saw d warnings n u ignord n nw u wnt to blame men 4 dat? No no no, urs is a pathetic n stupid story. Am sure dat there were gud n single men dat askd u out then bt u refused n instead u chose to follow somone maried dat u culd follow wit ur long mouth n spend money u did nt work for. IDIOT

  34. Sorry for the educational collapse of this country,why cant you keep mute if you dont understand simple narrative story,i guess most of you had F9 in your English. For your understanding the incident happened when she was in school. Must you comment?

  35. Tope am sorry to say u are lost. The lady who narrated this story said she felt like sharing her story after she heard of cynthia’s in order for other ladies to learn frm her experience. Stranger things happens everyday.This story happens often than none to so many young ladies who are often ashamed to share theirs. Meeting pple on social media can either pay off or not. My advice to young ladies is that they shud tread carefully on unfamiliar grounds and know that trusting pple is not a casual thing.I have learnt one thing is this life which is there is time for everything.U don’t rush/hurry to get rich when u can comfortably be rich at the set/right time/stage in ur life.

  36. If left for me, I wish you didn’t make it to stay alive cos u didn’t explain the reason why u want to spend time with your fellow woman’s husband.
    so my dear your intention is evil and you deserve more evil to come your way
    GOOD luck

  37. Am honestly believe she was stupid and am sure she acknowledges that fact too. I am a Nigerian girl too and it’s not like I come from a wealthy home but still I don’t go on dates with married men. I love pretty clothes and expensive phones too but my friend I work so hard for the things I want and by God’s Grace HE has helped me. But am not castigating you, we all make mistakes yeah. So please learn, be careful. We really do need God in our decision making. Personally, I don’t do clubs and all that. If I have to go to an expensive place, I will either be with my bf or family. This world is now very evil and even the people that are close to us can harm us but @least you will know I dint have a choice but to trust my brother not a stranger. @ d end of the day, God sees your heart if you’ve really repented HE will come to you. HE has been waiting for you.You are the wife to an adorable man, material things is not the only thing that can make one happy.

  38. I’ve been exploring for a little for any high-quality articles or weblog posts on this sort of area . Exploring in Yahoo I at last stumbled upon this web site. Studying this info So i’m happy to show that I’ve a very good uncanny feeling I found out exactly what I needed. I so much for sure will make sure to don?t omit this website and give it a look on a relentless basis.

  39. I think she has learned her lesson. There is no need to castigate and condemmed her. All she want to do is to pass a message accross to her fellow ladies who indulge in such act to desist from it and turn a new leaf.

  40. Wether d story is true or not it won’t change anything bcos most girls re very sensless nd materialistic nd as such,they are always oblivious of iminent dangers that comes their way…they are ready to do anything just to get d cash nd it always lands them into one danger or d other…they’re just synonymous with materialism nd bcos of dat,they’ll always eencounter dis type of danger

  41. very contradictory!! NYSC, Graduate, Semester, CGPA…..I cannot be deceived, my brain is still working n calculating well. Nice story line, buh it will be better if u share the story to Nollywood, they will make a very nice movie out from it…….I’ll buy it anyway.
    But I must tell u this, u where consumed by ur self induced greed for material things that u tagged “having fun”….,……forgetting that those men actually had “fun” too.

    Lucky you..!! it could have been worse.

  42. To tell u d truth, u don’t need to fear men u go 4 flashy tins nd u got it nd ur complenin now u ve run to god bc u c fire. Always remenbr dat pretendrs do d worst, luk 4 one good guy not caword plan ur life wit him ur lucky ur lif did not go.

  43. Lady, thank God for ur life. At least u have given ur life to Christ. But that’s just the starting point, u hav to be devoted in serving God wit fear n trembling, studying the Word of God daily and be prayerful as well as building an alter of Personal fellowship wt God thru Jesus Christ wit the help of the Holy Ghost.
    You c dat ur last decision “As for me, I
    do not think I ever want to get
    married or date a man again. That
    chapter has been closed for good in
    my life.” is still a sign of baby christian; You need more knowlege n understanding of God’s word. Do u think it’s easy for a lady like you who had enjoyed sex several times and had experienced different sizes of man’s to just refuse to marry? Afterall, u chose to follow married men b4 bcus of their spoilts. I am sure some cool headed guy wud hav bn showing interest of which u might hav turned down several times. Also, u were ready to cheat on any single guy u accepted being in relationship wt then; using him as play-boy, even when he was serious to marry u. U caused it. So, remaining unmarried is not d solution to ur predicament.
    1st solution is being genuinely born again.
    2nd Solution is for u to make up ur mind to get married so that u can 4get ur past sad experience. It is wen u get married wt a god-fearing christian that ur joy of NEW-BORN will be fully enjoyed.
    Then, to avoid being used by d Devil thru ur body( knowing u are a lady n every one wl keep coming to u about sex n marriage bcus u are single and esp during ur heat period there is tendency of feeling sex), to fall even Pastor down.
    Pls, my Sis, It is God that instituted marriage and it should be honorable(i.e without premarital sex) but we human beings perverted it wt all sorts of immoralitie- sexy dress, hot pants, sexy make up etc. Seeing that all these are characterised wt ladies (major problems) who are desperate to do anything to enjoy life( which is rubbish) likewise the guys (married or single) who are ready to do anything to feel or experience wot they see.
    So, if marriage is done the way God instructed it u will c there won’t be any problem of such.
    So my Sis, forgive yourself and plan for marriage by putting it to prayer. Let bye-gone bye-gone.
    Love u in His Kingdom.

  44. Nawa o. Naija people really do need to study English o! She wrote this story recently and she is a corper as of now. But this definitely happened while she was in school. According to her words.” I am a corper serving ok n Kaduna. I could have runsed it, but didnt because i needed to clear my head”
    This stuff has defintely been heavy on her mind all the while. Please you all should read and understand before you comment.


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