How dare you give us ultimatum! Saudi Sends Home Additional 510 Female Pilgrims

It is now clear that there is more than meets the eyes as far as the issue of deportation of Nigerian female pilgrims from the Holy Land is concerned. In defiance to the ultimatum given to it by the Nigerian government on the issue, the Saudi authorities have deported another 510 female pilgrims reports say. 171 had earlier been deported on Wednesday.

The authorities of Saudi Arabia are insisting that the women were unaccompanied by male relations which was considered against laid down rules of the kingdom. But there seems to be more to it. An interesting case as reported by Vanguard is that of the husband of one of the female deportees who returned home with his wife, in protest, when the Saudi Authorities refused to clear his wife, even after explaining that he was the husband of the woman.

According to highly placed sources at the National Hajj Commission, the return by the male pilgrim in question was an indication that there was more to the stance of the Saudi authorities than meets the eyes.

The source said: “On board of the plane bringing the women is also a male pilgrim. He decided to return home with his wife in protest when his explanations and entreaties to the fact that his wife was accompanied fell on deaf ears. That shows clearly that there is more to the issue than meets the eyes”.





  1. they re not talking,i mean the violent muslims who fights for their god.why not proceed to the saudi’s embassy and kill people there in protest of what was done to their people at least it will be another holy war and seven virgins will be given to each person that participated in the holy war.or send boko haram to go bomb their embassy,or is that boko harams have seen a greater boko haram……………….lol

  2. Nigeria in the whole world has been bad name, just because of north people, even here in kuwat, they had seeing Nigeria as terrorist now, let dose killer know that Saudi are against them, because they feel that number of woman that enter together for pilgrim will not return to Nigeria, well god bless federal republic of Nigeria.

  3. To be honest, comments on this issue is not for people who don’t even know Islam and Hajj right like Femi and Kingsley who am sure don’t even know how & why they are Christians
    who is the real follow follow?.

  4. Fuck all ye muslims! Deport all of them to hell! Wicked, violent, aggressive, unreasonable bomb making bunch. Nigeria muslims are the worst because they are hypocrites! Why are they trying to corrupt saudi? Or didn’t they know the rules? Everywhere for them is an opportunity to do corruption! Assholes! Very soon they will stop nigerians from even goin to their country bcos nigeria muslims have turned to terrorists and blood seekers. Once more pls deport them to hell

  5. yes northerners have caused a lot of damage.but its the confused and misled Muslims,not all of them…please let us preach peace and act on it.not to cause.that’s rather immature.

  6. I tink sm pple jx got irritated on hearin d name muslims. Y wld sm1 says saudi ar afraid of naija muslims on dx post? If dy ar afraid, wl it b d women dy wl deport or men? Beta dnt gv urself hypertensn cos dia s ntin u can do, Islam wl remain forever nd wl cntinue 2b d fast growin religion. Save ur lyf, ok?

  7. The road to hell is so wide with so many followers keep on discivin ur self DT ISLAM is the fastest growing religion and hell awaits u. Giv ur lyf to the awesome messiah JESUS CHRIST THE SAVOUR OF THE EARTH

  8. Why do this ppl want 2 tarnish d image of our country. Evry time muslim dis, muslim dat. Shame on you muslim. Thanks to saudi authority for the statment “how dare u give us ultimatum” hahaha JESUS CHRIST IS LORD.

  9. 4 all the christians, God has promised u hell, distruction do you know why? God sent down a prophet Isah (Jesus) in a miraculous way just for you to believe and worship Him (Allah) instead you ( so-called yourselves christains) turned Jesus into sharing kingdom with God. REPENT CHRISTIANS FOR HELL AWAIT THOSE THAT SHARE GOD’S QUALITIES WITH HIS CREATURES. BEWARE!

  10. This is for both christians and muslims



    I don’t know what the Holy Koran says about this but to the best of my knowledge as a christian, the Lord Jesus never make it a mandate to follow or if anyone have a proof from the Holy Bible, he/she can post the Biblical backing to this issue as I am ready to learn from you all.

    Let us think and act wisely.

  11. I noticed that some of the commentators don’t know the real fact of deporting only Women, note: not Men why can’t you ask yourself or somebody else? some are talking of Saudi Arabia are afraid of BH Bombing, if it is BH, why should they deport only women, why not men, what we all know 100% of BH are Men not Women, common sense. Here we go, weather you like it or not Saudi Arabia is Sharia country, so by allowing only Women without their husband or somebody related to a woman, is against their laid rules for peoples on pilgrimage, already Saudi is aware of what is happening in the world especially when it comes to prostitution issue, look at what is happening in Spain, Italy and other Europe countries where Nigerian Women paraded themselves as international prostitution, so this is the reason why Saudi believe that we are all the same, whereby it is not. Here in Nigeria we all know the region that engage in such international trade, but Saudi government did not.

  12. Femi or wt do u call urself, you have said something horrible, how dare u say fuck ……… , are you from a house or a home, well your tonge says it all, you need lots of prayers for forgiveness, may Allah forgive you,

  13. Auwal, next time you want to responde or comment, use ur senses, read very well or ask someone that is more inteligent to do it for you, dont just open your mouth or pick a pen to write something that shows who you are to the men of inteligent qotent, from what you just wrote I can gues who realy and how daft you are. ask God for forgiveness.

  14. Does it mean Nigerian muslims dont know d rules of saudi or d men went wit more dan 1 wife. I pity d female muslims, dey wil stay at home why d men go to mosque to pray. D blessing of allah is meant for only men, but d blessings of the living God who sent His only begotten Jesus Christ to die for our sins is meant for both men & women.

  15. Emmm…The actions described tarnishes the image of Nigeria…leave all the argument of Muslim versus Christian. I’m a Christian that served in Sokoto and as such I’ve been on the receiving end of both northern hospitality and hatred at the same time. The actions of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) shows that Nigerians are a lawless people and also seeks to teach Boko Haram that violence/bombings/killing innocent women/children is not a way of life. Let us not let form a UNITED front by respecting each other on this forum instead of allowing the other readers around the world to think we are against each other like boko haram portrays.

  16. Hw can an islamic country deport is own people, well i sense dat muslims around d world are now confused and fighting against each other am not surprised bcos dat is wat ur prophet tot u guys

  17. A lot of hate statements, and I’m just smiling here. For the Ksa (kingdom of sudi Arabia) this is not the first time they’ve done this. For those talking about only men alowed in did you not read about that woman who had a husband to accompany her, still they sent her back with her husband.
    As far as I am concerned that nation is so proud that they can stop any country they like from coming in with the backing that they have oil money to support themselves apart from the tourism money. So too bad for our Muslim brothers it might happen that they would eventually be an outright ban of nigerian pilgrims if this is not handled diplomatically correctly.
    Seeing that south Africa did this to Nigeria recently and we threathened then to repent, and thinking that we can threaten a whole kingdom ruled by a king to repent.(when we our selves are not united as one kingdom) ..nah so. Good luck with that.

    I’m not saying we should show weakness but please let there be a meeting or something proper that the public can see and know where every government stands on an issue.

    By the way; u would have not noticed but I myself have Christ living in me.

    But what I want to say is what binds us together is not land or blood or religion.

    Because God loves all of us the same way.

    What makes us one should be the sole vision and dream; the nigerian dream to make this country one.

    I watched our independence video the very first one and saw that there was no religious or tribal differences. In fact unity schools where a place to find all forms of tribe and religon.

    I guess what has happened is that we learning the white mans government, made us do as he also did.
    From our culture to religious behaviours watch it, we are becoming less like we originally were and more like them.

    Jtm signing out

  18. Some people just said stupid things that comes out from their mouth about islam,while christian still travel to jerusalem its were you re ask to perform pilgrim to its. Only muslims that fufil that obligation you hatters.long live islam for ever you all go to hell.

  19. We are not just muslim by name we are muslims by faithful.muslims is springing up everyday in all part of the world,if you are still in mess and darkness becouse missionaries that came nigeria to still our resources teach you how to extort your grand pa and now you think you re worshiping I think. You are still much in darkness bcos you have no idea were its written in your aclaimed bible were you re ask to go church on sunday try show us to knw u even knw wat you are doin.


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