“I Don’t Have A Child Yet” – Chinedu Ikedezie Denies Picture Of Him And His Purpoted Child

Dimunitive and talented actor, Chinedu Ikedezie (MFR) aka Aki has reacted to the picture which went viral recently, of him and a little baby purpoted to be his child. The actor who married Nneoma Hope Nwajah in an A–list wedding December of last year, has come out to debunk the stories that accompanied the said picture.  Read:

“Everybody knows my wife graduated from a fashion school a couple of weeks ago. Did she look pregnant or was she like a nursing mother? Yes, the photo is mine but it was taken in 2008 with a fan’s baby. I don’t know why it is now being recycled. I honestly don’t know the intention and plan of those who are sharing the photo”.

The Picture Of Aki And His Purpoted Daughter

Maybe they just wish you a beautiful daughter or son as the case maybe. But seriously, come to think of it, how could someone who married barely nine months ago in a white wedding, suddenly have a child (from pictures of his wedding, his bride wasn’t ‘heavy’ at the time) that appears to be about four-five months old if not older?



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