I’m a virgin- Nicki Minaj

Nicki is still a virgin according to Urban daily.She says ” I never gave up my box, I put that on my life”. Nicki Minaj has carved a niche for herself as being the rap game and really come far.According to her, she is yet to pop her cherry.Nicki Minaj says this on being a virgin. “Yes, and I encourage all my young Barbies to do the same. I just don’t have time.” Nicki said this in an video , you can watch it here >>> Urban Daily

Do you believe her?


  1. Courage to say I am a virgin lies within those who are sure of themselves. If you doubt her, then tell us the day you saw her having an affair with any man of let the man speak out to prove her otherwise. Nicki please you a gift to this generation in that aspect.

    • It could be true. There are people who act like Nicki Minaj and still is a virgin. I act like that sometimes, but i know how to stay holy and pure.

  2. All you guys we all can’t say if Nicki is a virgin or not bcause her videos are like rated, anyways I love her her even if she’s a hoe, slut, or whore I love her anyways

  3. well i dont blame her becos she has a mouth and freedom of speech and precisely she spoke about herself…..what this world is turning into now very soon an old woman with children and grandchildren would tell you she is also a virgin. Everybody with his or her life,…

  4. It is very possible for her to be avirgin. When you are a workaholic and you are striving to get to the top and you never dated any guy or had a boyfriend but just colleagues you chat with and hang out with after work, how will you have time to have sex. You may know what sex is all about but have not even had time to settle down with a guy to go through the process. So, I believe her that she can be a virgin. Virginity is not on the face. She wouldn’t have said she is when she is not cos stories about her past relationships and escapades will start springing forth

    • Really, you believe this bullshit? A woman dressing, acting, and who’s as attractive as her definitly isn’t a virgin anymore. At least, what are the odds. 99,9% she isn’t and she’s just telling bull.

  5. Nicky,,,,stop the blonde lie…we don’t have anything to do with your virginity,,,,bt I can swesr to it you are not a virgin……it was confirm your doc help you in coverings those flower back”””only God knows ђøw he did it,,,let me just say a virgin. After sex..hahahahhahahahaa….hau wil you be telling us you av f**k d**k before

  6. Evry mallam wit im kettle.na she get ha mouth…i love ha dou,bt cant say who’s who.anyways,der’s ntin hidden under d sun.1day na 1day,breez go blow,fowl yansh go open….i rest my case.

  7. people we never know if she is telling the truth or not….but you can’t say she is not because you don’t live with her and i’m pretty sure none of you sleep with her in her room only her and God know .but the rest of the people i think its better you keep your mouth shut if you have nothing nice to say

  8. all u hatin bitches stop hatin..god damn why You all hatin so much on nicki man fuck you all..I love nicki I am a really huge fan of hers she is my role model and I don’t give a fuck war you all hatin niggas think nicki is the bestis I love you nicki ( no homo) :))


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