Impeachment Threats Disappear as Ultimatum Lapses Today

Those who have been following the threats of impeachment against President Goodluck Jonathan by members of the House of Representatives will recall that the house gave the president till today to fully implement the 2012 budget.

Information emerging has revealed that the members of the lower chamber might already be soft pedaling on the move – that is if they have not totally abandoned it. And this will not be surprising to Nigerians too.

This move by the house, it is believed, is as a result of weeks of consultations between the executive and the legislature, truce meetings and the fact that more capital votes have been released to Ministries, Departments and Agencies since August. The House had in July given Jonathan up to September 18 to achieve100 per cent budget implementation or face impeachment proceedings.

However, right now, the person who brought the idea of the impeachment, the Minority Leader of the House, ACN’s Femi Gbajabiamila, has this to say: “This is not something to rush immediately (impeachment)… The various committees will have to bring in their reports on the budget first… From what we have been hearing, I am very hopeful that things would have been a lot better than where we left off (in July)… We are not on the war path with Mr. President.”


  1. I thought this is high time they ll give mr president a brething space to do what is in his mind and stop to be presuring him a.c.n and cor…please this man have a good plean for this country let us all support him to achive the nigeria of our dreams.


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