Incredible: How Female Cashier Sets up Customer who Just Withdrew N5 Million in Onitsha

A must read for those who withdraw ‘heavy cash’ from the bank, and for those who are arguing for/against the introduction of the single N5000 note. A female cashier working in a new generation bank in Onitsha, Anambra State, is presently in trouble after it has been found out that she collaborated with robbers to steal money from a customer just after he withdrew N5 million from the bank.

The customer was attacked by the robbers who operated on two motorcycles as he was waiting to board a vehicle to his destination. After being dispossessed of the money, the victim became suspicious of the role played by the female cashier as no other person knew about the withdrawal.

He immediately hurried back to the bank in anger and threatened to expose the cashier if the stolen money was not returned immediately to him. Sources said that the bank manager, whose office was situated close to the main banking hall, overheard their argument and invited them into his office.

The female cashier had consistently denied involvement in the crime and vowed to deal with the victim if his allegation was eventually proved to be false. But the cat was let out of the bag during hot exchange of words when the mobile phone of the cashier rang persistently and she refused to answer the call. As she was fidgeting, the bank manager suspected foul play and ordered the cashier to answer her call, using the amplified speaker.

When she finally picked the call after much reluctance, it was the voice of the excited robber from the other end telling the cashier that the operation was successful. He told the cashier to meet him at the designated location to collect her share after the close of work. The cashier became speechless after the call as tears of shame and guilt streamed down her face.

Meanwhile, the bank, it is gathered, is trying to keep the whole situation away from the public.


  1. @silas…if u dnt hv anytin tangible to say y dnt u shut up? wot do u mean by only in igbo can dis be done.? wea robbers no dey for dis country


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