Ingenious: Illegal Immigrant Busted As He Attempted To Sneak Into Spain As A Car Seat

The desperation by poor Africans to cross over to a ‘better life’ in Europe is increasing by the day and with that comes even more daring and innovative means of actualizing that dream and this is one such moment when an illegal immigrant was busted trying to enter Spain despite his best efforts of pretending to be a car seat.

Vigilant police caught the 20-year-old man from Guinea attempting to sneak into the Spanish enclave of Melilla from Morocco over the Beni-Enzar crossing on Friday.

He was hidden inside a Renault 7’s passenger seat, with the co-driver sat on top of him. Guardia Civil officers had to help the man out of his hiding place, later describing his attempt to pass undetected as ‘unique and innovative’.

The two Moroccan men, aged 21 and 23, who allegedly tried to smuggle him across the border were arrested and will appear before a court accused of people smuggling later this week.

The man was also detained and appeared before a judge. He has now been expelled from the enclave.

Daily Mail


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