‘Intelligent ATM Machine’ That Accepts Your Old Mobile Phone In Exchange For Cash If You Accept The Price

This is what I call an invention! Whoever came up with this idea deserves a national honor, maybe a GCFR. I’m kidding but hey! check this out – ever fancied the idea when you are broke and can just walk up to an iATM and slot in your phone in exchange for cash? Now, you get what I am saying?

A whole lot of folks have phones that they are no longer using and is just lying idly somewhere in a corner of the house like some ornament. This ATM needs such phones and no, this is no ordinary ATM. It is an ‘intelligent ATM Machine.’

This is how it works in a nutshell:

When a phone is presented the AI system conducts a visual inspection, identifies the device model and provides one of 23 possible connector cables to link it to the network.

A value is then determined based on the company’s real-time, worldwide, pre-auction system in which a broad network of buyers have already bid on the old technology, so the kiosk can immediately provide compensation. A number of robotic elements enable it to safely collect, evaluate and then store each device in a process that only takes a few minutes.

The machine is sophisticated enough that it can even see if a screen is cracked, the kiosks evaluate unwanted goods for resale and recycling – hoping to inspire people to go green.

What’s more? You can decide to receive cash payment for your unused or old mobile phone or donate the proceeds to a charity of your choice. Now, isn’t that such a novel and noble idea?



  1. Well, I have to admit this is a good brain. Of course, it is not that difficult to improvise since different phones have their models and their worth. It is more or less like inserting your ATM cards into the machine and wait for it to dispense the cash. The same is you slot in your phone and wait for the cash.
    HOWEVER, I fear for people, most especially the great ones i.e influential, rich, honourable people, for this will serve as a way to reveal their identity and their worths.
    It may be design by a particular group of people, in order to have access to people’s personal life and contacts.
    What you have to think is- wouldn’t a machine like this bring my old contacts, my communications with people, my bank accounts, my other documents, etc.
    Then, if you are targetted; then, You Are Finished.


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