Irresponsible Father Squanders N4 million Raised For Treatment Of Son’s Ailment Abroad

It just beats me how we can be so cruel not just to one another, but even ourselves. In June 2012, the story of Little Kelechi – the kid with a hole in the heart and paralysis of the left limb broke on social media. The poor lad needed about N4 million for emergency surgery in India and as is now typical with social media philanthropy and charity, a whole lot of people came to his aid and the required amount was raised.

Photo Credit (Linda Ikeji): Little Kelechi

However, news emanating from the handlers of the boy’s case is nothing to be happy about – leaves a very bitter-sour taste on the tongue. Since the money was raised through Kelechi’s father’s account, you would have expected some level of responsibility and prompt action to carry out the purpose for public appeal. But no! Baba Kelechi had other plans beside his son’s emergency treatment – He squandered every Naira raised to the last Kobo!

Curiously, Kelechi hasn’t been mysteriously healed or cured of his life threatening ailment as he is still battling with it. His father has been arrested and is presently cooling his heels at Ikoyi Prisons pending when he’s able to post his bail of N500,000. The Commissioner of Police Lagos state, Umar Abubakar Manko, signed the petition against him through the PPRO’s office.



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