Jonathan Angry over Leakage of Patience’s illness

President Goodluck Jonathan is said to be angry about the leakage of information concerning the sickness of his wife, Patience.
Investigations by Punch Newspapers in Abuja on Tuesday indicated that the President and those closed to him had planned to keep Mrs. Jonathan’s trip “a top secret.”

Mrs. Jonathan is presently in Germany, where she was said to have undergone surgery for ruptured appendicitis. But the Presidency had denied that the President’s wife was ill, saying that she was only resting abroad.

Her spokesman, Mr. Ayo Osinlu, said the President’s wife travelled out of the country to take a “moment’s rest.”

It was learnt that the President had thought that his wife whereabouts would be kept under wraps by those considered to be his close associates of Patience aids and few security officials, who it was gathered, knew about her movement. Investigations further showed that in order to avoid leakage of information on her trip, only those considered to be “very trusted” aides knew about it.

However, when the story was published by a online medium, Saharareporters, the President was said to be angry that there were moles among those considered to be trusted aides.

A Presidency source said, “The President is angry that the story could still leak when a very few staff of the President and security men knew about the travelling.

“He had thought that the movement could be kept secret as planned, but was astonished when news started filtering on the Internet about the sickness that made her to travel.
“At some point, he felt bad that despite the overhaul of the security system in the Villa, the movement of his wife would still not be kept secret.”

It was learnt that the entire security system in the Presidential Villa had been overhauled more than three times since the President assumed office.

Before now, the President’s aides were said to have thought that some foreign media houses working at the Presidential Villa were responsible for the leakage of information in the Presidency.

However, the postage of some photographs on the Internet and online medium were said to have changed the thought.

It was learnt that though the President had not ordered any probe, but “is likely going to order the overhauling of security in the Villa.”
Presidency sources said the President felt that some “elements who took the photographs of a son of late President Umaru Yar’Adua in the Villa with Ak47 and some new naira notes of one thousand denominations might still be in the Villa.”
The President, it was further gathered, might direct that some aides of his aides and that of his wife be either transferred or removed.
Source: Punch Newspaper


  1. what is Jonathan scared of? if he’s a saint as he claims and the idiot abati claims, then he should be able to maintain an open office. what are they hiding? If Patience is sick, then we ought to know and keep vigil for her. Well, i just hope it was ruptured smthn like they said o. Not sure she can be so dumb to do tummy tuck or bypass cuz that of her predecessor is still fresh in our minds

  2. This country is fucked…wat’s d big deal to tell d citizens of Nigeria dt our first lady is sick or smfin. U see,GEJ aint wat he’s tryin to claim. There is no transparency in dix country,so y wnt every1 be corrupt..imagine..y wud dey lie? For wat? GEJ is oloriburuku..aburo oloshi. So he’s annoyed now dt his wife’s illness is bin leaked.Offwch he was one of those dt were leakin y’adua’s illness den. I wish d first lady a quick recovery sha. God save dix Fucked country.

  3. Once u r a public figure everything about u comes under xray, the president should accept that is a reality of life. The 1st lady is human and can get sick just like every 1 of us. I wish her quick recovery.

  4. She went for pussy tightening operation bcos jonathan said aLl those smal boys she has been choping has made the pussy very wide like basin so his tiny abunna that is like toothpick cannot fit in again. Get wel madam olodo. And reduce ya yash also b4 u com bak so jona fit enter from back easy

  5. @abati you are kworect the fussy is no swit again again. I have tested it and it is sour do the ofration and return quick so I can test the toto b4 jona so I can b sure it is sweet. Arrange the anus also bkwos I lik it their also kin ji ko Salamaleku zan sia burantashi in jira ki

  6. Whats d big deal about it, even if it was publicised dat Madam is sick. Ahha is she not a human being even d rigors of her office is enough to kill me in one day. Haba Mr.President make u take am easy b4 u sef come get High Blood o. Dis country no go fit accomodate double casualty. Why should such be hidden from us? D least we d masses can do is to offer our prayers n condolences. Afterall when d Duke of Edinburg was hospitalized his ppl heard n shived their support for him. When d president of Chile had a heart transplant her ppl also showed their love. So wetin una dey hide from us sef? You r a public servant so everything about u goes public, abeg take a chill pill n attend to ya wife.
    Anyways I wish Madam speedy recovery d Lord is her strength.

  7. Dis country is full of corrupt leaders…imagine jonathan o? Big fool so yu guyz cannot upgrade our hospitals and treat ur mumu wife here ba? Bcos una no say all our hospitals are in big mess dats Y una dey carry our moni go abroad 4 treatment…if she fit die make she die o afta@ll how many pipu dey die 4 dis country wey nobody dey hia abut dem?…yeye badluck and wife!


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