Jonathan is a President in Training – Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN)

Opposition party, the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) in one of their, now routine, attempts to score cheap points on the ruling party (PDP) have described the president, Goodluck Jonathan, as a president in training.

The ACN made this known through a statement the party issued in Ilorin through its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed. According to the statement, “How else can one describe the administration’s lack of capacity to be proactive or respond in a timely and robust manner to the recent catalogue of woes and national calamities?”

They gave the series of problems facing the country and the President’s alleged poor response to them, as the reasons for declaring him a “trainee president.” They also complained that on a weekend of multiple disasters such as the Lokoja flooding, the bomb blast in Bauchi, and the two weeks of non-stop flooding in the country, the President’s aides were more interested in informing Nigerians about Jonathan’s trip to the United Nations (UN) General Assembly summit than explaining or proposing an organised “response to these calamities.”

What the ACN has constantly failed to realise is that, with the exception of Lagos State, they have not been able to use the states under their governance to convince Nigerians that they are better than the PDP. Also, they have particularly failed in this attempt because declaring Jonathan’s government as a “government on internship” provides the opposition an opportunity to argue for another opportunity, come 2015, for Jonathan to apply what he has learnt during his internship!


  1. ACN and it’s national Publicity Secretary should be called to order, enough of these insults to our President and the occupier of that exalted office, it could be anybody even the thieves in ACN,the likes of LIAR MOHAMMED and co who have milked Lagos state dry and are trying to annex other South West States, they should mind their business if they can’t criticise constructively they should keep thier mouths shut we know them, they are not better in any way at all

    • How else do u want to describe this President? ACN hve been fair by using that word, President-in-training. This Jonathan can never learn even if he stays there for 100yrs, he’s too dumb and unlearned, I wonder how, if truly he passed as a PhD holder. Yu sychophants will sing a diff song come 2015, bcos its only Niger Deltans that wil vote for him, he shuldnt expect any votes frm west or North or Middle belt. Since Boko Haram insurgence in Borno, he has never visited them for once. What a president! He doesn’t care abt the North, or west, his administration has been taken over by Edwin Clarke and the Militants…..rubbish.

  2. ACN does not better than PDP to speak the truth ,in terms of imposition of candidates ,embezzlement /corruption ,rigging election /money politics .While President Jonathan have not really live to expectation on the issue of security by surround self with psychophants & by not taking the best options .