“Jonathan is divinely ordained, Nigerians should support him” – Dr Tunji Braithwaite

Dr Tunji Braithwaite

When President Goodluck Jonathan pointed out that he thinks that he is the most criticized president in the whole world, he also mentioned that by the time he is leaving he would be the most praised president. Could it possibly be that the praises have already started pouring in for the president?

In the middle of several criticisms, praises might indeed have begun to trickle in for President Goodluck Jonathan. The occasion was the 79th birthday of legal icon, social justice crusader and a former presidential candidate, Dr Tunji Braithwaite. On the same day a book titled “Jurisprudence of The Living Oracles’’, written by Braithwaite was also launched.

While the numerous guests at the occasion poured encomiums on the legal luminary, when he had the opportunity to speak, Braithwaite commended the personality of the President Goodluck Jonathan, saying that he was divinely ordained.

According to Dr Braithwaite, “When I visited the president six weeks ago, journalists accosted me and said ‘what have you come here to do?’ I told them I was there for the good of Nigeria. I am not diplomatic when it comes to issues affecting the welfare of the nation. I said President Jonathan is a president we should all support… This country will not disintegrate. I sincerely believe we will have a national dialogue to solve our problems. I am glad we have a listening president put there by the owner of the universe.”

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