Kate Middleton Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction Less Than A Week After Photos Scandal

This couldn’t have been what the Duchess of Cambridge was hoping for as she and Prince Williams headed for home after the end of a highly succeessful tour of South East Asia and the South Pacific.

The Duchess was almost left red-faced at Brisbane Airport by a gust of wind which blew up her summery dress. And this wasn’t supposed to be a photoshoot but trust eagle eyed photographers who were on ground to capture the not-too fanciful moment.

And coming in the week of the topless photo scandal which has seen the Royals take legal action against a magazine in France, she could really have done without it.

What is worse, an Australian picture agency with a photographer on the ground, is believed to be touting stills showing her bottom.

Are we going to witness another round of bottomless pictures of the Duchess this time around? Why can’t the paparazzi give her a break on this one afterall, it wasn’t her fault that the wind had to blow while she was on a stop-over before the long flight to the UK.

The Wind Takes Hold Of The Duchess’s Dress At Brisbane Airport, Prompting Her To Grab At Its Hem



  1. “Wardrobe malfunction” ?, HARDLY. What a load of bull. Middleton is clearly an exhibitionist and a low-class woman who at age 31 has the maturity level of a child. This is NOT the only time she’s had a dress go up and her naked butt on view. It happened in Calgary,Canada too. You can’t say she’s being hounded by the media when she clearly has no sense of decency,maturity or class. She likes the attention, otherwise she’d put on a pair of underwear. She’s disgusting. William is a fool too, he married her and doesn’t seem to mind her nasty character.


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