Kate Middleton’s Photos Spreading In Print Fast Across Europe

Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton’s topless picture is spreading like cancer despite the royal family’s fury.

British media have been saying such picture would never have been released in the UK, but the pictures have found its way to nearby Ireland’s print media.

After the release of the picture in Ireland, sources say Italy is next. This incident has no doubt marred Prince William and wife, Kate’s tour as it’d be impossible to be in public places with such issue hanging over their heads. One wonders how many media companies they’d have to sue. The best thing seems to be allowing the matter rest, as the world is getting bored of their story already.

The royal family needs to educate its members on why they shouldn’t be naked in public. Prince Harry was sent to a war zone after people saw his naked pictures. Where will the royal family send Kate?


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