Laudable Customer Service: Bank Shares Soft Drinks To Customers While They Restore Bad Server

In a country where good customer service is below average, we should give kudos to organizations that do things that don’t normally happen in Nigeria.

While customers were waiting to be attended to on Friday at Ecobank, Yaba, the server went down and customers’ account details could not be accessed. The customers though annoyed that they had to way for the server to be restored cooled their nerves as the bank offered a bottle of soft drink to any customer who wanted one.

According to an upcoming artist, DDM who dropped his single, Kilonfe last month, he was at the bank to pay in some money. Asked if ‘Kilonfe’ was already paying, he smiled. “I have never seen anything like this in Nigeria. I’ve been in banks where we have to wait on long queues with malfunctioning air conditioning system, yet no one will apologize. They gave us a bottle of coca-cola each. It’s not a big deal, though, but I’m impressed.”

I guess if all those service-rendering organizations will start treating customers like the king they should be, we are getting somewhere good. Kudos, Ecobank!