Livi Ajuonuma’s Son Campaigns against Dana Airline Reopening

Levi Ajuonuma’s son, Obinna who evidently still feels the pain of loss in the crash that happened three months ago, has begged Nigerians to please join in the force to stop the restoration of the Dana Airline license. This is a serious call that has woken most Nigerians that lost their loved ones in  the crash and they it’s a serious plea. This is the message he has given below…
This is a very important message! I need your help my friends.
I need you to join me and others in signing the petition that will STOP DANA AIR FROM OPERATING AGAIN IN NIGERIA or anywhere in the world!
Dana Air crashed on the 3rd of June, killing 153 people, including Dr. Levi Ajuonuma(my father). This airline was well aware that the aircraft was faulty but still took flight that fateful day! Now, 3 months after the suspension of their license, the Federal Government has decided to lift the suspension! The wounded hearts are still bleeding and not being taken into consideration here!
Please join forces with me and the families of the faithfully departed, and sign the petition. The link is below.
Thank you for standing with us against a system that really does not care about YOU!
Thank you again.
Obinna Levi Ajuonuma Jr


  1. Its quite unfortunate that this happened,we mourn and sympathise with Ajuonuma family,but the truth must be said.What u should be fighting now is the Government to construct good road network for the Nigerian people.If our roads were good,your Dad may be wouldlnt have flied.Dana is a biz company,with workers who have dependants,so stopind Dana means putting those ppl out of job.Poor man dey fly?na them them.

  2. Kem, how shallow minded can you be? do you know how much public transport is to Abuja? do you have any idea wat other part of the country some people were coming from? what about armed robbery on our roads. I’m sure if your family memeber was there, you wouldn’t talk this way. But how can they be? shebi na them them! obviously you’re poor shit head!

  3. Nweke, I concur with you. Kem, I think may be if you had a family member(s) in that plane and felt the pain many of us are going through, you wouldn’t talk that way. The matter is not those (rich or poor) on the flight but how Nigerian citizens are taken for granted because of corruption. Corruption does not allow our govt to think straight whenever they are expected to. Kem, next time pls think carefully before passing out your comment. I don’t blame you.

  4. Obinna, you are obviously not who is illeterate. You should be talking contrary to your claim. Fight corruption, fight armed robbery, fight Boko Haram, fight for establishment of good schools, visit poor locality and you will see how we poor Nigerians are starving this is all because of the people like you who are self centred.