Man, 41, Stopped By Airport Security For Having A Long Male Organ… Thought It Was A Bomb

Jonah Falcon looks like your everyday man but no, he is not. He holds the enviable (or maybe not) title of the owner of the world’s largest penis. Yes. Are you a man reading this, check yourself to understand what that means- Falcon’s male organ measures eight inches when flaccid and an impressive 13.5 inches when erect. How many of us can boast of attaining that measurement? Now you get the point?

Nothing To Be Ashamed Of: 41-Year-Old Jonah Falcon Is The Proud Owner Of The World’s Largest Penis, Measuring In At 13.5 Inches

The 41-year-old’s XL asset hit the headlines recently when the huge bulge in his trousers caused a security alert at San Francisco airport. According to him, the experience was nothing new as he doesn’t see his over-sized appendage as anything special anymore. He said: ‘I was amused. What was the worst that was going to happen? Would I have to pull it out for them? I have been doing that all my life. It was more annoying that I had a two hour delay.’

The Average Flaccid Penis Is 3-4 Inches
Jonah, who is 5ft 9in, has been single since 1996, but admits that the women who stick around the longest are the older, more experienced one’s.
Illustration: Jonah’s Measures In At A Staggering 8 Inches

‘They have been on that road before, they have evolved beyond sex and are looking for something beyond that.’ he said. And as for his sex life, he insists there are no complications.

‘I am extremely into foreplay. I am a performer, when the other person gets excited and enjoys then I am happy. I do have to be turned on, patience is the key, don’t expect me to get up immediately,’ he said.

Limelight Seeker: Jonah Enjoys Wearing Tight Cycling Shorts To Draw Attention To His Golden Package

And his hidden ‘talent’ has sparked worldwide curiosity: celebrities often call to ask him about it and Jonah has received lots of offers to join the porn industry which he continues to decline: ‘I can’t perform in public, I wear tight jeans but I won’t do anything in front of other people.’

When asked if there was anything he would about himself, Falcon says, ‘this is me. When I look down on myself I don’t see anything special but I still enjoy having something special, everyone does.’


  1. i surely will not like to have that much dick in me!!! that is for cows and horse not humans abeg! no wonder he remains unmarried till this day….we girls like average size, normal size, but not giant size or small size. besides how well you can use it is wat matters not having a donkeys dick

  2. lara baby you have a point bkos my own is like this man own abt 12inch but still i have broken up wit up to 5 girls now bkos dey always complain of too mush pain and dey wont alow me put it inside wel and how can i enjoin it wen i cant put everytin inside? hmmmm i u/stand d man’s feelins. too mush of everytin is bad

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  4. this is dangerous bkos the man said the prick takes a very long time to be able to stand so the woman must be patient and do a lot of foreplay if not it wont get up. my question isd that wat if d woman cant wait?? or she needs quick sex?

  5. Na God create it,so the same God wil his seize for him,some hav smal buttos, some hav rxtra lager, so the extra lager buttos wl go for big prick, so watin God create, no man should qustion him, na God give him he no pay money.


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